Yeah, Suburban Noize, those Kottonmouth Kings
Freaks come out at night, the freaks come out...

Well... We're the freaks of the industry, Suburban Noize, Kottonmouth Kings
The freaks of the industry, and when ya see us back stage be prepared to G

Now they say that first do it means do it, time to freak, Saint Dog gets to it
Not a heavy weight, but I'll go twelve rounds with a jab of the stick
I'm going lick for lick, so give me the helmet, I'll be the stunt man
Just relax, and I won't front like arena, I mean to get the cream of the crop
And I'll be taking it slow, never missing a spot, yes caress your back n chest
You're kissing on my nose ring, I'll whisper in your ear
Saint Dog Kottonmouth King, Oh big ST that's what you'll be screaming and creaming
But its not a wet dream its the real, the freaky dog, dog nasty,
Never letting a kitty cat get past me, without picking it up, petting it
Teasing it, taking 3 home and pleasing it

We're the freaks of the industry, Suburban Noize, Kottonmouth Kings
The freaks of the industry, and when ya see us back stage be prepared to G

Say you're G-in, nobody else is seeing
And the freak that your with's in front of you, bending over naked
As she's leaning on the dresser, boo-yeah, you're looking at her from the rear
She looks just like Rebecca, not Rebecca with the singing career
But the X rated video queen, ya know what I mean?
All right here's the scene, you're lying on your back
With your head on the edge of the bed
The booty's 2 feet from your head, should you
A. take the time to find a condom, B. walk right over and you pound em
C. tell her that you want her love, well the answer is D. all of the above
So you're freakin, the furniture's squeakin, she's tweaking,
Saying that she's weak in the knees, cheek for cheek, and pound for pound
I'm taxing it and waxing it and working it around
Till the booty starts making that clapping sound
Which is cool but your friends are chillin in the other room
The clap is getting louder, you don't want them to clown you
In this situation, what do you do?
A. plainly simply back up off her
B. you hit it just a little bit softer
C. you take it out and put it in her butt
Well this for Daddy X yo, yo listen up
I put a towel on the floor by the 2 inch gap under the door
And now ya can't see me anymore, to the lock to the top,
But they can't listen, there'll be no barging in, there'll be no dissin
Get back to the mission, broke out the whip cream and the cherry
I go through all the 5 positions, my head under her leg under my arm under her toe
She says I like it when you scream, Daddy let yourself go,
I hit it, slid it, lick it, quit it, after the ride I put my clothes on I walk outside,
And before anybody has a chance to speak I say Yo I'm Daddy X
I guess I'm just a freak

We're the freaks of the industry, Suburban Noize, Kottonmouth kings
The freaks of the industry, and when ya see us back stage be prepared to G

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