Yo man I got some sick ass shit, I got all kinds of bongs
I got fuckin, I got paramaxes, I got graffix
I got all the dope shit
I got superbowls, I got fuckin skunk weed, I got skillz, listen
I'll get me on the court, you know what I'm saying? I got skillz
Look I got crossovers, I got doms, I got lobs, I got ups
I got all kinds of skillz,
I got homeboys, I got weed, I get high. I'm fuckin
I got dope VW car with fat ass fuckin whomper, motherfucker..

I gots the light if you gots the time
I gots the joint if you gots the rhyme
I gots the ink if you gots the papers
I gots the flow if you'll catch the vapors. Crazy man

Suburban ebonics coming out my mouth
Take a lesson bitch boy that's Kottonmouth
But your square nerdy asses won't understand
So yo, break em off a fat ass piece man
Dirt slang, it starts like this bro,
I play dunk ball with the homies and I eats pink taco
714 bustin up yo ass
Suburban white bonics they don't teach in class
It's the psychedelic hip hop punk rock shit
So let me tell you mother fuckers who your fucking with
Well I'm Saint Dog and I spills my schpeil
When I gets lit I like to bark some shit,
Like it sucked up, cracked out, cock out biatch,
I only take licks and a (??) rip
I got you puzzled like the wrinkles on my scrotum sac
I got a gang a year, I keep my kicks on a rack
From Airwalks to Bocks to Docs to Birkenstock
Top it all off with some old skool socks
No wonder why your old lady rides my jock
I got her tied up like a boat to a dock
Yo I twist up your mind with my wicked hog slang
Uck-fay ou-yay umb-day itch-bay,
ain't-say og-day ever-nay lays-pay
Now that's the type of shit comin slurred from Saint
Emergency, emergency 911, Kottonmouth's on the mic
So you bitches better run

I gots the light if you gots the time
I gots the joint if you gots the rhyme
I gots the ink if you gots the papers
I gots the flow if you'll catch the vapors
Crazy man. Dirt slang.

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