There are barn doors
And there are revolving doors

Doors on the rudders of big ships
We are revolving doors

There are doors that open by themselves
There are sliding doors
And there are secret doors

There are doors that lock
And doors that don't

There are doors that let you in
And out
But never open
But there are trapdoors
That you can't come back from

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Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors Lyrics as written by Edward John O'brien Colin Charles Greenwood

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    General Comment

    I like this song. It's definately got an awesome style to it.

    Although not very deep, this song is about all of the choices that one may have to make during their life.

    "There are barn doors" The big choices of your life

    "And there are revolving doors" Standard choices, that almost everyone makes, just churning people through.

    "Doors on the rudders of big ships" Very important decisions that one may have to make, to steer the direction of something big.

    "We are revolving doors" Not so sure about this line. I think he's talking about how we always have to continue to make choice; continue to turn.

    "There are doors that open by themselves" Some choices are simply made for you by others.

    "There are sliding doors and there are secret doors" Sometimes, the answer isn't always obvious. There are secret doors: most people wouldn't have seen this choice.

    "There are doors that lock and doors that don't" Sometimes a decision that you make can be undone, but other times, that choice is final.

    "There are doors that let you in and out but never open" Again, not too sure. I think this is simply just a reference to an archway. It never opens, since it has no door, but it is a choice that one has to make nontheless. A choice with no reprecussions.

    "But they are trapdoors That you can't come back from" Simply, everyone makes bad choices at times, and can't turn back on them.

    Well, there's my interpretation.

    Drealothon October 18, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    Wow, these are some pretty deep comments. And all this time I just thought it was a bunch of wierd shit about doors...

    patty*on November 14, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    For me, the doors are people.

    Barn doors - the people you couldn't miss, even if you tried. Revolving doors - people who enter and exit your life repeatedly. Doors on the rudders of big ships - people who sail on the success of others. Doors that open by themselves - people who enter your life of their own accord Sliding doors - those people who avoid you, despite your attempts to reach them Secret doors - the people you forget, who go unnoticed. Doors that lock - people who commit doors that don't - people who don't commit Doors that let you in, and out, but never open - A person you see every day, or know well, but nonetheless a person with whom your relationship never progresses.

    They are trap doors. And you can't come back from them.

    Tyreron August 20, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    Doors. That's what it's about. Not sure if it's a metaphor for something else. Just stay clear of trapdoors!

    Beowulf_Xtremeon May 20, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    It's about life, and the choices you make, and how they have possible outcomes.

    o0conduitxXxforxXxmusic0oon May 09, 2009   Link
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    General Comment

    'sign of healthy emotions, a bit neurotic to have at first but if corrected can be the catalyst neccessary.' What was that Mr. G. was speaking of?

    mm, per da inter views the following had a deep and long fear of hell in youth: Kurt Cobain, Elliott Smith and Thom Yorke. Yes, that was what he was talking about. Is true my re-productive friends and sometime readers of Thibetan Book o' Dead? that book did it in for two o' them (not Steve) ...all about what moves about and happens after dying and before coming back and back and back into Door B (the big Bet) of Alpha-Bet town: 'the bitch burning on a shining sheet, the only maker that you want or knew that will take you out from an open door' - Elliott Smith.

    See, about the time after OK Computer both the lead singer of the Verve and Thom Yorke were off on their own just wandering around the countryside trying to get their heads on straight and change them selves and were practicing meditation and were contacted it would appear by men of the field, 'Talent' agents. Thom wasn't even sure if he could sing anymore. And then perhaps, at least so far as the Former is concerned, they experienced what it is like to have an A.B. and what it's like not to have one upon dying. That's what this song is about, and I don't mean personality type. What is left, what happens to such upon death with all the corridors out there in the 'Here' (/after)? Trust me Thom makes fun of even semi-nobles like Coldplay and won't even give them an audience as they request of him because they sing what he calls 'lifestyle' music, stuff just about lifes quaint little experiences, so it's not about that (again, check out the inter views where he says what he thinks about lifestyle music and the horror he experienced upon trying meditating). Thom, rather, is much more interested in a persons death-style, dying to one's ego and seeing what is beyond the localized ego:

    "Pulk: A small sled, used for man-hauling supplies across snow and ice" - first Dictionary entry you see upon googling the word.

    Man-hauling, hah.. : ( .... get it my little ones? : (

    'heres a truck stop instead of St. Peter,' 'and you want to bridge the schism, the built in mechanism to protect you.' - Rapid Eye Movement/R.E.M....Amnesiac....Rapid Eye Movement....Amnesiac

    'moving sidewalks, great opportunity: blinks' - R.E.M.

    'letting the days go by, water moving underground, same as it ever was, and the moon, the moon: comes the twister.' - Talking Heads ...revolving doors what is this mechanism/door to protect you from knowing you're just food for the moon, going out the barn door?..What could I be saying, eh? I must be raving to think it's plain as a barn door. I brush the cobwebs of the sky, I sucked the moon, I spoke too soon, and how much did it cost? Astral fall, moonbeams and sail on shooting stars...I must be imagining and not very precedent, this jibe I'm jiving at. Well, you may be young and precedent but no right from wrong. Know right from wrong, or in a flood you'll build an ark and sail us to the moon...because the sky turns grey from where I am and you begin. I am up in the clouds? I am up in the clouds in a catacomb/and I can't, you know, come down. I go watch it all take part where I am and where you start and you, YOU LEFT ME ALONE...your voices raffling around my windowsill, yesterday's heavens are blown by the wind, yesterdays people are in a home scatterbrained and uh, any fool can easily pick up...and I only wish I could follow: a moving target in a firing range (planetary processes/influences we are just lubrication cells on moving sidewalks for the mercilessness of...taking us places we don't want to go after death, some are even dead before death frankly) ..broken branches trip me as I speak? just cause you feel it doesn't mean it's there (samsara), someone ought to show you the're so greedy and lonely: we are accidents waiting to happen...

    Amnesiac's: Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors [a perfect encapsulation of the landsape of the real here/after]

    There are Barn Doors and there are Evolving Doors [listen close, that is what he enunciates. He is speaking of the few who get out/wake up. see there are snakes and there are ladders]

    doors on the rudders of big ships [we are doors fed to the moon and the planets in this solar system (this ship) unless we evolve inside before death like doors on a rudder to the bigger Ship above this one of our solar system using us like tools]

    and they are revolving doors [reincarnation/reoccurence here on earth is hell minor and most are stuck in this until they enter a state of permanent de ja vue in one of their reoccurences here, spiralling/spiriting out, as perhaps Thom is now approaching but very, very few you see around here are going through...especially recently, no initiates left hardly. And fundamentalists (scientism/religious = same crap) are ignorant, very few go to the dissolutive psychic suffering of the lower cellular/mineral world, 'Hell Major,' and that's it, that sociopaths substances must endure seemingly endless cycles in and that Thom will speak of momentarily...trap doors down to the dust bin]

    there are doors that open by themselves [ie. open whether you planned on them or not and that take you somewhere else: death a la physical, the lesser death. This is not the second death that happens among initiates: psychological death to this life of temporal materiality while still physically in the body. Only those who conquer the second death will not have to 'go out' anymore according to the book of Revelation for all you 'people of the book.']

    there are sliding doors...and there are secret doors [there are ways to die to your ego/outward false personality (that you experience the horrid, torpid falsity of when you take hallucinogenics perhaps but that elevated people experience the sham of all the time). There is a way to evolve psychologically out of the planet of the apes here: sliding doors in us, secret doors...centers no longer stealing and usurping in us dissipating us into caricature...vast]

    there are doors that lock...and doors let down [the key is to hermetically seal yourself and open oneself to higher centers trying to break through all the time in one... letting down the door of the loft. Also I think he is speaking of certain people, as someone in a previous post here correctly remarked, who are like locked doors to other humans, doors that just let them and those around them down into dark places. they die of psychological chances in this life even before physical death because of their sadistic empty opportunism in them, the living dead....even the earliest known book of man we have found yet, Epic of Gilgamesh, speaks of such 'vampires' among the Rushes/us people. You can't imagine how many are secretly led by them.]

    there are doors that let you in and out...but never open [the astral sound made right after he says this is an indicator so you can get what he is saying. this is the development of A.B..anyone who has begun to taste it has heard this exact sound. Even someone like Art Bell on Coast to Coast radio show (most listened to show on radio at night on earth) has experienced this sound and out of body experience. it is just a beginning. See things can happen in one before the door of death opens, doors that let you in and out in this very physical life's door. This is the ladder up, now he will speak of the snake down:]

    but there are trap doors....that you can't come back from [whenever I hear him say this it scares the hell out of me the way he says it. It makes my hair stand up on the back of my neck. Until last farthings are paid there is no way to cross from one realm to another when the result of wrong ways happen to you after physical disembodiment. You just go to the recycling bin for a very long John Lennon said: 'Time wounds all heels.']

    I'm on your side don't answer how trap doors that open I spiral down... you're learning from zero here

    Commagene12on June 21, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    This is a great song! what are you talking about!

    SnickerGlishon April 20, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    Weird song. Not Bad. Weird. Weird is not bad. Weird is Weird. Some Weird things are Bad. But not all Weird things are. Some People think Weird is Bad. But Weird is Weird. Weird is not Bad. Weird can be Bad. Some People think Weird is Bad. Weird is not Bad. Weird can be Bad. But in this case this Weird song is Weird. It is Not Bad.

    That's what I'd say about this song. Actually what I've just written could be great lyrics to a song similar to this one. I think I'll call it Peoples/Ppls Revolving Brains.

    This song is © Wallamanage 2005

    Wallamanageon July 13, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Someone said that they laugh at the term 'secret doors' But the thing is there are secret doors. If you ever go to a manor house or something there re tons of secret doors. Hidden in the walls or floors. Or there are those areas you can't get to because there's a door in the way. And you look through the keyhole. But you can't see anything. And you just wanna know what's on the other side...

    Anyhoo... I remember once when I was being driven somewhere and I was listening to Pulk/pull on my iPod. And then everyone suddenly started talking about doors for som reason. It made me feel weird coz I hadn't told anyone I was listening to it. I then I realized just how many doors there are in the world. And thats a lot of sheets of wood keeping people out of buildings and houses. Reassuring but scary.

    What was funny was when I searched for Pulp on this site (great band by the way) and accidentally typed Pulk. Sorry. That just made me laugh.

    Wallamanageon August 16, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    could`nt it be about types of people? just like there are division by temperament, mental dispositions, it is the same, but expressed with metaphors of doors. for example:

    '..there are barn doors..' Person who is opened and is able to psychically assimilate a big portions of world and other people, in the same time keeping the depth of this contact.

    '..and there are revolving doors...' - pretty the same as previous BUT [big but] this kind of person lets through a lot of people, but soon forgets about them. They just passing through and he knows them just in surface.

    '...we are revolving doors..' - means that we are living in time, where we are meeting a lot of people, but we are very careless in attitude towards them. The lack of depth in human contact.

    '...Doors on the rudders of big ships..' - could mean the mentally highly developed individual and if you decide to get close to him and pass theese doors, you must be ready to guide his 'ship' with him. ship could be the priciples, strong ideas, actually the person himself...

    '..There are doors that open by themselves..' - the individual who desperately seeks for contact and 'opens' whenever there is someone who passes by.

    '..There are sliding doors and there are secret doors' - The discret people to whom you can get only if you 'slide' the necesary doors, they wo`nt open by themselves and the people who is very secret and you need to find the 'secret doors' - the only way to this person.

    '...There are doors that lock and doors that don't...' Unreachable people and some that is just pretending to be them for the reason of their own menthal harmony

    '...There are doors that let you in and out but never open...' - people who is opened on surface in order to survive in the society, but who never opens their 'inner doors'. the inmost part of presonality always stays closed.

    '...But they are trapdoors That you can't come back from...' - This 'trapdoors' can be someone who are very close to you and who you never can forget. Youll always emotionally stay inside of this persons doors.

    sorry for my language, english is not my native..

    cikuuzison August 24, 2005   Link

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