here i am but where are you. i'm a jar and i am empty too. i forgot how to pray to you. buried my treasure in the ground. are you near is it far. can i get to where you are. without your strength within me. without your presence under my skin. with nothing at all. i want you inside. so why don't you come and find me. i'll be waiting right here. there's nothing left to say to you. there's nothing left for me to do. than raise my hands in awe to you. it's you i know that gets me through. it's out of my hands again. i fold myself up again

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Black Is The New Red song meanings
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    I looove this song. I relate to it so so well.

    Sometimes, I'm feeling really good about my walk with Christ, but then I go back to "burrying my treasure in the ground" -- putting my attention and my focus on earthly things that don't matter (or on people) -- or anything besides God. I wish I didn't do that, but the fact is I do.

    When I do that, I begin feeling empty again... like an empty jar. And I begin thinking "Where are You God?"... and I realize that it's not God who's changed, since God is unchanging... it's me who's changed. Then I remember that without God's strength in me, I am so weak and can't really do anything.

    It's that point where "there's nothing left for me to do" except to give in, let go, and "raise my hands in awe to You (God)" Because it's Him that gets me through, so I have to learn to give the controls back over to Him and "fold myself up again".

    iwasdeadthenaliveon May 23, 2005   Link

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