One times seven equals heaven
Traditions the creation of men
Religion for the sake of religion
Rituals the right of profession
Clergies of ranks, the files and lines brainwash the sect for
the mentally blind
And now Babylon's got a new name for those modern
disguises to hide the shame
It's a choice between God and man
Undermined by the heretics hand
Humanity's last ditch try to build a bridge to heaven with
earthly lives

Brace yourself
The saints die today

Blinder leading the blinded
Indulgence buys the sick minded
Fallibility secures the fallacy
Reinterpret the facts of history

Doctrines a pile of yokes
Salvation or collars to choke(?) off the life with infinite
ropes to climb
Brainwashed to think your face is worth the time
Arrogance rich with Sundays that pack the walls with
some idols to spare
Exalt and isolate acts to reject the faith that's born from the

Never mind the saints that died
Your foundation had been undermined

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    This song is talking about how man-made laws are religion, and God is the true thing. Man's laws are leading would-be believers down the wrong paths, and we need to stop that. Religion is regulations. God is freedom!

    EngageThison June 08, 2002   Link
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    I agree. Religions make so many different laws and rituals that aren't biblically based at all. But blind leads the blind and the people dont' take the time to look it up for themselves, instead they are spoon fed by the fallable humans. We have chosen man's traditions (which make God's word to no effect) over the Truth. Everyone thinks they are saved because they go to church on Sundays...with many idols in all of them. "Reinterpret the facts of history" is one of the most important lines in this song. Go back, look up, search the history of every religion (even Christianity) for what it is. Remember Israel is where we started....all of our "religions" are pretty different from what the Truth is.

    JLew251on July 03, 2005   Link
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    i agree with what you guys said its like the pharisees in jesus' day we think of them as crazy but some christians or so called christians are not too different. but if this song is really talking about mans laws vs gods freedom...where is the mention of God...

    doin_researchon June 24, 2006   Link
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    Doin research you don't need to mention God to know that its about him or that he is our saviour take the line "It's a choice between God and man Undermined by the heretics hand". Yes this song isn't saying God is good and we are free with him in a straight forward sense. They took the approach to go after the evil in our society to show us what we could really fall into if we aren't careful. This song explains that somethings we do that we might think are good in Gods eyes are really just things created by men that do not follow God at all.

    aliveandawakeon October 21, 2009   Link

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