Her heart bleeds

It is a basis for your heartfelt hunger so gaze
At the page at the faces of nameless...
You're alone again
And this distortion is an apt replacement for
An unquenchable desire for more
More pages strewn across this sickening floor
I can't look at any of this

If they saw what those eyes have seen

Oh how her heart it would bleed
If she only knew those abusive roots
And how the children would weep
If they only saw what those eyes have seen
It always keeps us longer than we wanted to stay
It always takes us further than we wanted to go
But you don't seem to mind at the time

Begging to be set free...from what we were meant to be


It's inside you and your soul is longing, yearning
Pleading to be set free
Within your eyes, within my eyes, within our eyes
There could never be a more complete perversion of what we
were meant to be
And with all that is in me I hate this
As we're sinking inside this ever-feeding illnes
We are all quite silent
Sitting still

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PS Lyrics as written by Andrew Schwab Alexander Albert

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    General Comment

    Saw this posted on the P86 forums, thought I'd share it. Probably not 100% accurate.

    Nobody understands me I, who know nobody understands me, might be wise? But when i talk with you over the phone, for a moment I forget about myself. I forget cuase I want to forget... I forget... I want to forget... I forget... For whom does the word "Justice" exist? TO me justice is just the same with satan. same with satan Those people are same with satan. i always think (sorry, this part I can't hear) but that's my life, what I can do What even I can do now.

    --- Andrew sings "Sitting still" --- If ____ (Can't hear this part either), even I can be happy I want to be happy. Would someone love me please.

    dceffexon June 06, 2004   Link
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    I heard from a forum that P.S. stands for "Porn Sucks" - Does anyone know if this is true?

    euphoria_277on June 28, 2005   Link
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    crepers86, there's a fair bit of evidence to back up the porn theory (and not just because P86 says it's about porn).

    "It is a basis for your heartfelt hunger so gaze At the page at the faces of nameless" -Looking at pornography in a magazine; he doesn't know the people he's lusting after (the faces of nameless)

    "And this distortion is an apt replacement for An unquenchable desire for more More pages strewn across this sickening floor I can't look at this I can't look at you I can't look at me" -Using pornography as an alternative for sex, as a perversion. Pornography is being used to drown out this "unquenchable desire for more". And afterwards the singer feels remorse for his actions, he feels guilty, which is why he can't look at this, you (probably God in this case) or himself.

    "And how the children would weep If they only saw what those eyes have seen" -If children were to see what the singer has seen, they would lose their innocence.

    "It always keeps us longer than we wanted to stay It always takes us further than we wanted to go But you don't seem to mind at the time" -Perfectly describes pornography, and how it grabs hold of people and becomes an addiction. And indeed, they don't seem to mind until afterwards.

    So it's pretty clear that there is plenty of evidence for PS to be about pornography. However, that's not to say that you can't interpret it as a song about abuse. In fact, some people connect pornography with domestic abuse, so there may be something there too.

    Barloqon November 30, 2009   Link
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    I can't believe there isn't more discussion on this song. It's probably because people come on hear and start talking about how much they like the song or the band instead of the meaning of the song (which might be the purpose of this website, just my opinion, I could be wrong). There's no doubt that P.S. has to do with porn, no what the title is intended to stand for. As somebody who's felt the intense draw of free porn available 24/7, and who is now married (no kids yet), this song creates a stinging picture of how powerful porn can be, and how it creates fear over how it will affect others in our lives. This is an absolutely gripping song. Unfortunately, it was year after I heard this song that I finally rid my life of porn. And it's still a challenge. That junk is all around us, it's everywhere we go. It's even in our minds. It's in the checkout line at the grocery store. This is such a battle for many men. Porn is as addictive as any drug you can think of. And more than that, there's no test for it. You can bring it to work with you. You can travel with it in your car. You can't be arrested for it. It is psychologically and spiritually damaging. That's why Project wrote this song. And that's why so many people identify it. Don't dismiss porn as normal. It destroys relationships and families, gives men unrealistic expectations for women, and treats women like objects to fulfill sexual desire. When we say porn is natural, no wonder people in our society are so screwed up.

    wtfaytaydaon October 27, 2010   Link
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    this song is talking about pornography and how it keeps us from the freedom and innocence that our soul longs for. The sinful desire of sexual sin is unquenchable with just one look we go farther and stay longer than we want to....the girl talking is about how she has no self worth and has been exploited by pornagraghy and the world.

    superdaveon April 24, 2002   Link
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    Anyone have a translation of the girl talking in Japanese? I've heard what the subject is, but I'd like to see exactly what she says.

    jfphileon October 15, 2002   Link
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    Hey I don't know but it sounds good to me euphoria :-). but also superdave, i think the woman on here could be the guy's wife who if she knew what he was doing in secret would be heartbroken. same with the children.

    JLew251on July 03, 2005   Link
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    P.S. = Porn Song(P86 said it them selves)

    ProjectShadowson February 28, 2006   Link
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    ProjectShadows... You can never go by what andrew says. He will change what he says each and everytime. This song is about hurt and abuse listen to it. Where do you get porn from. I Don't that. but yeah its about buse and there is no justice and she is afraid to fight it. P.S. means Post Statement and that is what this title means.

    crepers86on May 07, 2009   Link

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