tell me is it really true
there's something goin' on
i just can feel it

i heard it on the radio
i'm not allowed to go
i can't believe it

there's a big hole in the sky
where the radiation's breaking through
and we just sit and stare
like the rabbit at the snake
there's so much we could do
but we gotta do it now
cause it's gettin' pretty late
better hurry now

we all need the sun
we need love and light for everyone
we need our atmosphere
to live in here

we could be so strong
we overthrow the government and stop
what's goin' wrong
we're fighting for the sun

it's really hard to understand
the change of sister sun
as if your sunny smile
would turn into a deadly one
it's not a quality of life
to live inside a mighty trap
to have that ice-cold coke beyond the radiation gap

there should be more resistance
against industrial trusts
and if there's no solution, there should be revolution

i wonder if we start in time,
we're racing with the seconds
i wonder if we've got enough
to talk to stupid politicians

we all need the sun....

hold on to revolution.....

members of the earth, lets fighting for the sun

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    My Interpretation

    I think this song more or less is describing a catastrophic event in where nuclear radiation is going on and the government is trying to hide this from the civilians by spreading lies and propaganda, and telling people not to go outside or look into it. A small amount of the civilians can sense that something's wrong and they are standing up to the politicians / governmental agencies about this issue and are trying to spread awareness to those who don't know or realize what's happening. Here's one part which might confirm my suspicions:

    there should be more resistance against industrial trusts and if there's no solution, there should be revolution

    Basically people should stand up against these companies and if nothing changes for the better, then everything should be started anew and the civilians take over everything.

    Deep lyrics and also very nice music... There's 2 versions: The B-side version + the Dreamscapes remix (which is excellent)

    dmwateron August 28, 2019   Link

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