At the edge of the moon there's a lonely man
And he blows on his horn as strong as he can
And the girl at the bar wipes the breath
Of winter away with a smile of her face

And a little black dog barks along with a loon
Is this my appointment or did I come too soon
Got a strange invitation for tea time
'Twas given by somebody I can't recall

It's the middle of the riddle, it's not very serious
It's nothing but a big surprise
And the president's horse is a rabbit of course
That is living in a big boy's mind

Living in a big boy's mind
And I skate on a knife on a wire
That is strung from this song to a distant shore
And then I say

Intuition is just another phase of chance
While we're crawling through the old pyramid's floors
(little pharaohs)
And the little black dog, here it comes again

It's a true companion in a foreign land
On a quest for the valley of boojums
And birthdays and phonecalls I cannot recall
All of man shan't talk to the one at the helm

And the man at the helm shall talk to no one
Shall talk to no one at all
(Rule 42)
And a horse is a rabbit of course

(yes, indeed)
Yes, a horse is a rabbit of course

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Middle of the Riddle Lyrics as written by Marian Gold Bernard Lloyd

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    General CommentWhen I was studying with these angels that showed up quite by surprise, we ran into this song and in the story they were relating there was the lonely man blowing on his horn—wait—who was the lonely man? You or him?
    Him who? Anyone would ask …
    The lonely man … Why confuse matters?
    Yes, why?
    So in the story you were wiping away the breath of winter not only with your smile but with your airy silliness
    And you are the little black dog. I did think maybe you came too soon. The strange invitation was right on.
    I didn’t come too soon.
    The rabbit is Thumper but also the president’s horse?
    Metaphor for big honcho.
    I always disliked the idea of living in a big boy’s mind. Why wasn’t it a big girl’s mind or a big horse’s mind?
    If it was a big horse you might be asking why it wasn’t a big boy. Don’t sweat the small stuff—remember your girlfriend telling you that? So you skated on a knife on a wire to many distant shores …
    But I don’t recall saying that intuition is just another phase of chance
    But we crawled through the old pyramid’s floors, so big deal …
    Love the “little pharaohs” interjected here and you have been a faithful companion in foreign lands—merci.
    And no one gets to talk to the man at the helm.
    Because there isn’t one? We always sang it as all of man shall talk—not shan’t.
    Marian Gold couldn’t hear us as well as you can?
    I was surprised to read that this album—particularly this song and "Ariana" was considered somewhat silly
    By someone who considers himself a music connoisseur but dislikes anything novel—we’ll leave some Wonder bread in his Christmas stocking.
    sillybunnyon August 10, 2006   Link
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    General CommentKerouac

    And he laughed and said
    Always take the chance that she might be out—just for love
    Or—just out for love
    You know what I mean
    Don’t be a sucker
    sillybunnyon September 02, 2006   Link

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