"Aaron's Party" as written by Brian Anthony Kierulf and Joshua M. Schwartz....
Here's a little bit of old school for ya
That goes a little something like this

I always tried to be the flyest kid in the block
The popular one with the rising stocks
So that's when I had this bright idea
Throw the party of the month
No, the party of the year

All the fine girls couldn't turn it down
Now all I gotta do is get my parents out
Should I send them to a movie
No, send them to a show
Let me think, hmm
It's gotta be long though

I said Mom, Dad, yo why ya sittin' home
It's a Friday night have you seen Aunt Jo
And don't worry about stayin' out too long
Don't fuss over me, I'll be fine alone

Have a good time

The door bell rings 'cause the party's here
I'm crankin' up the stereo like it's New Years
Walkin' 'round the house like who's Da Man
(Everybody do it like Aaron can)

First on the floor, you know that's me
Bustin' out the moves like it's MTV
I'm guessin' where I'm goin' 'cause I lost my head
Then I jumped on table, this is what I said

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
Everyone together sing it loud
(Come get it)
Jump all around come on
(Come get it)
(Come get it)
Say it again
(Come get it)

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
From the left to the right, make noise
(Come get it)
Here we go now, come on
Uh uh what what

Na na na na
Na na na na

Things are goin' great
Then to my surprise
Some people walked in, I didn't recognize
I said fellows yo ya gotta get out

(Hey man I heard this was an open house)
Open house?
(Yeah that's what the flyers said)
I didn't put out flyers!
(Well somebody did)

Then walked in
The girl I'm crushin'
And the kid spilled juice
On my Mom's new cushion

I turned around and
Another kid broke the lamp
(I hope they weren't expensive)
They got them from France
For now I won't sweat it
I'll clean it up later
There's a honey over there
And I really want to meet her

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
Everyone together sing it loud
(Come get it)
Jump all around come on
(Come get it)
(Come get it)
Say it again here we go, uh
(Come get it)

People all around you gotta
(Come get it)
From the left to the right, make noise
(Come get it)
Here we go now, come on
Uh uh what what

A.c.'s in the house, here we go
Come with it

Break it down
(Go go go go go)

Is that a car door
Oh dang I'm in trouble
Everybody get out now
On the double
I'm dead (your done) that's it for me
I'm gonna be picked off my family tree

Once Mom finds out 'bout this party I had
I don't want to even start thinkin' about dad
I'm hustlin' around the house
Trying to clean up the mess
I sure put my new white Nikes to the test

The car door slammed
And they're walking up the steps
I guess life is good with 10 seconds left


Aaron see's in the house, come on
(Come get it)
Uh uh what what

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"Aaron's Party (Come Get It)" as written by Joshua M. Schwartz Brian Anthony Kierulf

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    General Commentaaroncarter = LOVE<3.
    IDKABYBICTDxoon February 27, 2009   Link
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    General Commenthah this kid's is trying to be a rapper.....LOL
    appypollyloggyon September 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthank you 'TylerKnows
    ...just wanted to comment on yours
    it just tells me that not everyone here is an inarticulate...ehh.. bitch.
    "What am I doing looking for Aaron Carter lyrics?" eh?
    ... ahh.. such memories
    dustcatcheron February 01, 2005   Link
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    General Commenthah. Aaron Carter is my entire life.

    I think this song might be about how he had a house party and then people came and then his mom and dad came home and he got grounded.

    Oh. and... I'm really hoping that kid replaced Aaron's mom's cushion. I heard it was expensive.
    xxblowupon March 19, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwoo, loved me some a.c. back in the day
    nightmarryyouon May 31, 2009   Link
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    General CommentDear Lord, nobody has commented on this classic piece of American music? A travesty! Anyway, its too bad that a great bass line was ruined on this, this...thing. Strangely though, i have a strange fascination with it, a sickness more likely. I know a good bit of the words, and if i hear it playing, i never fail to get up and start rapping it. I dont know why, perhaps some new form of sadomasochism. Also, im not a very violent guy, but i can honestly say that if Aaron Carter was here right now, i would not fail to beat the living crap out of him. He acts like an arrogant little punk, and i would not mind whacking him with a baseball bat a good 3 or 4 hundred times. And i can't say that about just anybody, so you know he holds a special place in my heart. Anyway, in the words of the great "Aaron C", here's a little bit of old school for ya: old school blatant advertisement. Since you're looking up Aaron Carter lyrics, i can tell you like finely crafted, well thoughtout, meaningful lyrics. Well, look no further than the lyrical stylings of Jaded Teenager, my band's lyrics. To quote AC once again, "come get it!".............ah, now i feel dirty.
    BecauseTylerKnowson July 02, 2002   Link

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