Molly M-M-M-Molly
Such a curious name
I say it again and again
And it still sounds just the same

Molly M-M-M-Molly
Turns my lovelight on
Every night we been talking on the phone
'Til just about dawn
On a drive down I-95
With Molly's snow-white hand in mine,
Chemical factories and halogen lights
And shivers down my spine

Can I be thinking thoughts of love?
Why does this always take me by surprise?
I must confess her sweet caress
Hit me like Cupid's arrow right between the eyes

Molly M-M-M-Molly, make it better now,
Molly M-M-M-Molly, make it alright

Molly, oh Molly do you want to be mine,
Like a flower opening in the sunshine?
Molly, oh Molly is it gonna be kind,
Like a corkscrew opening a bottle of wine?

Every day of the calendar we'll be together
Two cats in the cradle, two birds of a feather,
Staring for hours between your green eyes
No mystery, no puzzle, no lies
So many times I've been hurt, so many
Times I've cried,
So many times I thought my heart had died.

Why didn't she love me?
Why don't she care?
And when I look back
It's just emptiness there.
Some things so fine never last, it seems,
Not lace-filled fantasies, or lingerie dreams.
And everything I know,
Everything that's true
Comes back in a circle
Pointing straight to you,


Sweet illusions of the heart
Build palaces out of empty air
And when the palaces fall apart
We cry for what was never there
Molly do you feel my fireworks burning?
Do you feel that nasty old feeling returning?
Love can be crazy, love can be cruel
But I'd rather die a sinner, than a holy fool.


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Molly Lyrics as written by Eberhard Lothar Faber

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