rake the vice in florin shordo
boiling inards recompense
lightning vards incinerating
prying cheeks in sloring vats
shear it's back and throbbing pack
the goggle lord will show it's law
rake the gaultry, larding sist
organ splitter like a fist

blowing death and splitting coals
carving goodness out of souls
the organ splitters evil grace
comes shooting out it's filthy face!

bile sheens and boils belch
rot will thicken, boggle felch-
sloring vats are spilling over
floodign through the goggels realm

lucifer may seem the stronger
organ splitter getting longer
cheeks are red and pack erection
wicked muscles shoot ejection!

"o.k. let's see,
that's one of those square records, eh,
that goes on a record player that like
goes on it's side."
":no, that's an e.p. from some British
new wave band."
"oh, take off, you du-, you don't know"
"yeah they bootlet those, eh"
"sounds like an e.p. from some British
new wave band."
"yeah, beauty, sound...
-not my style of music though"

meat upon the pentagram
bloody necrophalic phlegm
pus is furry, pus is good
pus will fill the dirty wound
eat your beets and bould hog husk!
man odor smellsl ike oily musk!
goose bumps raised on prickly thighs
florin shordo says surprise
pussy discharge speaks the truth
josh aliens bad and so's paul booth
marrow cracks and tissue flies
the goggle lord will use his eyes
glowing light upon his head
burgalveist will make you dead
goggle comes, his blood is red
and flaming like the head of set

blowing death and splitting coals
carving goodness out of souls
the organ splitters evil grace
comes shooting out
it's filthy face!

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