Blank stare
There's a big black hole
Gonna eat me up someday
Someday fades away
Like a memory
Or a place that you'd rather be
Some place lost in space
Itch in my head, that's telling me somewhere
Somewhere out there anywhere
I don't care, get me out of here
If I could feel
All the pins and the pricks
If you were real
I could pick what's apart
And put it back together

This will come true
Help me get through
Into you

All I can do
driving me through
Into you

One track
Get you on your back
Your skin speaks soft
But your lips couldn't say it

Right now
You know somehow
We could take a chance
We could make it
Make it
Right here
Make it all disappear
Everything we've been missing
You make me feel
There's a part of me
That I want to get back again

Make this come true
Help me get through
Into you

All I can do
Pushing it through
Into you

Into you
All I can do
Driving on through
Into you

You're slipping through
I come in two
Into you

We could become
Two into one
Leave this behind
Over and done
Everything new

I'm getting through
Into you
Do you?

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Deep Lyrics as written by Trent Reznor

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    General Comment

    This is so symbolically obvious in the video, i'm suprized most people bash on it. They probably don't get it. The meaning is there, you just kinda have to dig pun inteded, "deep." It kind of takes a person who's been through this seriously fucked up situation to truely understand it.

    I will...try to explain it. Though I can tell why Trent hates it.

    It practically begs for punishment if gone about in the wrong way.

    First of all, I think this an anti-love song of sorts. It's about a guy whom has an addiction problem, trying to find solice in love, while the other person is pre-occupied with the same problem as he.

    Addiction to substance.

    He's begging her to realize that her living conditions are extremely unhealthy and that she needs to get out of that situation. Yet, is practically begging to keep ties with them by allowing her in. Through out the song he keeps begging her to realize she has a problem, and shows extreme interest in her (to the point of wanting a a deep relationship) while keeping within her boundaries and holding back from what may happen if it all goes wrong.

    In the end, he says the most straight foreward thing he possibly can to her, yet at the same time openly admits he may slip deeper into addiction, and they may end up dieing in one another's arms. He then asks her if she feels the same way about him ("Do you?"), and leaves it at that.

    That is what I believe the song itself is about. Now I will go into detail about the music video, and make sense of it a bit.

    -The toxic substance represents being intoxicated on a drug.

    -The car crash represents them both coming together finally (after she decides to be with him), only to ruin one another and dying.

    -The brick behind the car represents his sobriety, planting him down into the ground. Trying to keep him from making a decision like this.

    -The brick coming out of the ground (rather, tearing out of the ground) is a representation of his feelings of true love for her, despite knowing what could possibly become of this if things turn out the way they end up doing so.

    -The substance being stolen, was obviously something that causes addiction.

    -The "tearing away of the flesh" quote, represents one's open-heartedness (complete and utter honesty) while under the influence of a substance. Such as alcohol for instance.

    -The "toxic dyes" quote, was a foreshadowing of the above. Only a bit more subtle. It's a representation of open-hearted honesty, and misguided judgement.

    -Him licking the substance off of her dead body is a representation of him turning again to addiction to cope with what he's done to her. Alternately, it could also be a representation of her inhability to quit what she's addicted to, and or pre-occupied with (i.e. - another person.) It could be all of them.

    -Him surviving while she dies perhaps represents that she again cannot be saved, as the above may represent him giving into that lifestyle due to feelings of love. Supporting her in the only way he can.

    -Him trying to smash out of his car represents his sobriety. Notice he's not covered in any substance at all? He wants out of this trainwreck, he knows what may become of this. Yet knows for sure he has true feelings for her, and wants to help her. Thus why he's even in the car, as evidenced in the next scene and it's lyrics. Yet they come out as he's covered in the substance because he has no choice but to hold them back. Only letting them really show when he's intoxicated (because that's when honesty starts happening.)

    -The car ride between them represents her pause in life. A realization of what's to come. She could slip again, or perhaps even die. It isn't made clear if she currently has a problem, but the character clearly suggests knowing that she's had one. However, he's covered in the substance, suggesting he's just now getting a taste of something, and may slip deeper. Perhaps already slipping too deep, and now wanting help from someone whom has learned through error.

    -Eventually, we see she too ends up sprayed by the substance. Dragging herself back down into addiction. Then too realizing herself, despite pre-occupation that she too wants him.

    -The end of the video is quite clear. He suggests he wants to go to a bank (make a withdrawl)..but this is clearly symbolic of him wanting a substance (almost worded the same. i.e. - "having a withdrawl.")

    -They both look fine in the end, and it's confusing as to when in the timeline of the video this actually happens, as parts play backwards while others go foreward. However, it could symbolize it AT THE END, them realizing a boundary between what is and what could happen, and them risking it regardless due to a withdrawl. Causing them both to eventually become addicted, and the above happen (her dying - which could represent unbeatable addiction, or real death.) OR, if it were at THE BEGINING (what I believe), it could suggest he and her had been friends for quite awhile (casually getting intoxicated together.) And he had decided to purchase a substance in order simply TO tell her how he feels about her. Considering she asks to come along, it would suggest the above that they'd known eachother for awhile, and had done substances casually. Perhaps partying when they felt the need. Never having addictions or serious problems untill their lifestyles became a condition for living.

    There ya go. I've picked it apart. Tried to make sense of it from a few aspects, and suggest others at the same time.

    The video itself doesn't really happen in order, so it's not clear when things are actually happening. But in a way, they do set themselves up for an ultimate end.

    It's sort of up to the watcher to decide how it went about. While at the same time, making certain things methaphorically clear within itself.

    SilentSnakeon July 02, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    I looked at this song differently than it's video and sex.

    I believe this is a song about someone with some problems, very confused, and constantly trying to figure out what the fuck is going on in their head. Depression sucks, and sometimes it's so heavy you have to really work to get back to your normal self again. I believe Trent is actually speaking to himself, trying to get out of a depression, or problematic state by digging deep inside of his head trying to unlock whatever the fuck is wrong and get back on his feet again.

    strokesloton April 30, 2007   Link
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    My Interpretation

    i guess my interpretation of this song would be, someone thats lost, sedated and unhappy with life and finding .....a escape within someone els, personally asking that person to pull them closer, in a emotional state of mind...... having faith that this could be the best relationship for the both, "Get you on your back Your skin speaks soft, but your lips couldn't say it" friends with benefits, but not saying anything to make more of it, over all, the feeling of being complete with this other person with out telling them face to face......

    implodemuteon October 07, 2009   Link
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    Song Meaning

    Yep. Sex.

    comablackon January 26, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    The song is about penetrating someone

    CarlosHiggon January 30, 2011   Link
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    General Comment



    Emmelstoneon September 24, 2002   Link
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    General Comment


    lefttheretodrownon March 13, 2003   Link
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    General Comment kidding!

    XxViciousGirlxXon June 07, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    This songs from some movie soundtract? dose anyone know what thats about and the video ugh werid kinda backwards but not quite backwards love that

    nysirkon June 19, 2003   Link
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    General Comment

    It was on the Tomb Raider: Lara Croft movie soundtrack.

    xCunton July 07, 2003   Link

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