Where we at where we at? (superbad)

Psycho Les:
Hold shit Jack got the house jam packed
World famous Beatnuts makin' moves that's alike
Black 24 track EQ the fuckin' bump
You stare too long and your ass will get jumped
Chump smack you with my elbow
Watch the el flow takin' crews down to hell hole
Mak the dead become active, 40 ounce
so I could pronounce every as it is
Right pass the light so I can spark it
But you wanna puff? Bring on the chocolate bag
Your tail wag where the lighto
I bust at your ass trying to shoplife my item (superbad)
Shame on you fuckin' boo, but I don't sweat it I deep my cool
Pump yous a straight maraclia
"With the diabolical sounds coming through your speaker"

Ha yeah that shit sound right word up yo Fash run that shit!

Fashion aka Al Tariq:
My name is Fashion you want to cut it short take the cool ass blast
And to the back and make it cool ass Fash cause I be blastin'
Wettin' niggas up and shit
That pussy good so I'm a be all up in it, fuckin' it
I dive in sluts on the reg
Got one for your head punk even if your lead cause I'm cool
And you can be cool if you tried
Just hate it when them dumb motherfuckers act fly
Well I went down pulled nut my fuckin' jamma
But shit started gettin' thick so I had to cock the hammer
Like Boow! There you go on the floor
Now you can't fuck around with these nuts no more
See niggas fakin' just hangin' with the funk
But in old eyed junk can always swant with the funk
Check it, trunks get popped in the nick of time
SO you suckers back off cause you can't fuck with mine

"Yo we the Nuts that make you sream nuts"
"With the diabolical sound comin' through your speaker"
"When you need the funk in your trunk bump the Nuts"
"With the diabolical sound comin' through your speaker"

Yo I"m comin' out my face like a mad scar
I'm all about the money the bitches and drive around in a bad car
Cause I ain't takin' no shorts I play for keeps
I stay strapped cause I ain't got no time to roll deep
Roughed and raw kid my heart pumps acid
Through my veins watch your brains get blasted, What?
I came to freak the funk on the real tip
The junkyard niggas like still I don't feel shit
And all the hoes out here just be frontin'
So I proceed to hold my own and maintain
And get mines those that try to front can catch pain
You know my style so prepare for the slaughter
Your shit is underground my shit is underwater
Cause I was crazy yo even before I started rappin'
And I'm a pull your card if you think it can't happen

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