Going where the orange sun has never died
And your swirling marble eyes shine
Burning through the light
Bittersweet the drops of life
Memories only fading

Fancy Colours
Fancy Colours

All we ever did see
When we're down at the sea
We see things so very bright at the sea

Fancy Colours
Fancy Colours

All we ever can do
The morning covered with dew
We do things so very fine at the dew

Fancy Colours
Fancy Colours

All we ever do hear
The world whether we're hear or there
We hear things so very fine when we're there

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Fancy Colours Lyrics as written by Robert William Lamm Y


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    My InterpretationI don't think it has anything to do with drugs. The first line is the first clue..."Going where the orange sun has never died" Where in the world does this happen? when you are close to the Arctic Circle. The call Sweeden "the land of the midnight sun" There is also another common occurance in that part of the world. Aurora Borealis, the northern lights. for some pictures of what it looks like see en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… ,
    the line "Burning blue the light" undoubttly refers to these lights which are often blue., but there are alsorts of Fancy Colours. It is interesting that they spelled it "colours" not "Colors" the diffrence between the two is one is British or Canadian. They had another song on Chicago III called "Flight 602". Flight 602 was a flight from New York to Toronto on Mohawk Air Lines. Chances are someone may have taken a trip "Up there" and had a chance to see this phenominon. I think the song is an attempt to capture the emotions in seeing this.
    oIIIIIooIIIIIoon July 01, 2013   Link
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    General CommentLyrics and poems are often challenging for others to translate into their own languages - like imagine a German translating Jabberwocky into German. (Yes, such translations do exist and are humorous to this American.)

    Chicago played this song live in Tokyo and someone there made a bootleg video of it, helpfully - for his intended audience presumably - including lyrics in Japanese on the screen.

    I'd love to see this song translated into a foreign language I understand.
    frank11778on December 16, 2018   Link
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    General CommentI like to refer to this song as "Chicago's Drug Trip". Does that mean I think they're a bunch of stoners who were high on acid at the time they were writing this song? No. I simply mean it's just a strange, bizarre, out of the blue song. The wah-wah guitar and psychedelic horns and flutes add to that as well.

    This song quickly became one of my favorites of theirs, mainly because of its upbeat feel. I think it's massively underrated.
    Mattbluhalofanon July 18, 2007   Link

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