Man you lashed out
Cause me and my niggaz throwing rocks at your glass house
Put the trash out we coming to crash out
Become a notorious style pulling mats out
Why you playin' now I'ma put the flame on you
Ju' got the canyon, Les the grenade launcher
I blaze ganja like Jamaicans in Kingston
And shit on you and leave you stinkin'
Light a match

You don't want it, don't want it

I don't love hos who catch me on the Ave with a snub nose
Late night ridin' a bike watchin' for po po
At a red light right in plain sight
On a summer on the low on the dead night
Why y'all niggaz don't want it with us
And they ain't really shit to discuss
All that shit you be spittin', it's us
Step to you with the steel out
Juju ain't the type of cat you want to feel out

It's all you you can hate if you want (u don't want it)
Beatnuts keep blazing the blunts (u don't want it)
And beats banging the truck (u don't want it)
Gettin' money worldwide we provide them up front (u don't want it)
All you women in the club we know what you want (u don't want it)

Catch you with the cross bow
Right through your torso
What you said (nuttin') thought so
Pass by your crib riding a horse slow
Just checkin' out the negocio
Time to collect from the inner streets belly
Nigga want to come short like Joe Pesci
Before I wack em I crack a cold pepsi
Click back all leave the space messy

Blowin guns like Jesse
Pulled my glock out who want to test me
I feel like the devil just possessed me
Burn more weed, I'm moving at hyper speed
Always carry two knives with me
For why y'all niggaz who be trying to hate
You fucking fake man
You know these are the records you be dyin to make
Think you're hot nigga yeah right
Hot in the ass fuck around get shot in the ass

It's all you you can hate if you want (you don't want it)
Beatnuts keep blazing the blunts (you don't want it)
And beats banging the truck (you don't want it)
Gettin' money worldwide we provide them up front (you don't want it)
All you women in the club we know what you want (you don't want it)

This scene is getting ugly
This scene is getting ugly

Yo it's my turn
How many speak what they got
Eat at the spot like Pac you could believe it or not
In the streets in the drop you know my boys is hot
We spit fireballs you heard my click got my thousand yours
Hammer quipped we die for the strips defy the law
We the squad that do the job and beat the charge
A gold T with a old key will beat the job
You never know when you're 'bout to go
You never know when you're 'bout to blow
Niggaz get locked when the back is slow
On my pops we gonna pop the Mo
Pop the krizic cock is clicked
Til Seis get killed by the apocalypse
Ain't no stoppin' this
We splurgin' and mergin'
Icein' up the verse so nice they call me surgeon
Fuck what they heard twin
We the truth smoke weed on the roof
Puff live on the deuce get live off the 1-5-1 proof
You never know this ain't a rapper being phony
With the white gold and big boulders and Cuban zircony
Frontin' like you don't know me, homey

This scene is getting ugly
Yes indeed, Triple Seis
Yes indeed, Juju
Yes indeed

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U Don't Want It Lyrics as written by Lester Fernandez Jerry Tineo

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