Say what, say what
Say what, say what
Say what, say what
Say what, say what
(My dick is bigger than yours)

Ooh! Say what, say what
Say what, say what
Say what, say what
Say what, say what
(My band is bigger than yours)

Fred: Too bad I got your beans in my bag, you stuck up, sucka, Korny motherfucka
Takin' over foes is the Limp, pimp, need a Bizkit to save
this crew from Jon Davis
I'm gonna drop a little east side skill, ya best step back 'cause I'ma kill, I'ma kill
So watcha thinking Mr. Raggedy man?
Doin' all you can to look like Raggedy Ann

Jon: Check you out punk, yes I know you feel it
You look like one of those dancers from the Hanson video, you little faggot, ho
Please give me some shit to wank with
'Cause right now I'm all wicked
Suck my dick kid, like your daddy did

Fred: Who the fuck you think you're talking to??
Jon: Me
Fred: I'm known for eatin' little whiny chumps like you.
Jon: Whatever
Fred: All up in my face with that...
Jon: Are you ready?!?
Fred: But halitosis, is all you're rockin' steady
You little fairy, smelling all your flowers
Nappy hairy chest, look it's Austin Powers!
Jon: Oh yeah, baby!
Fred: I hear ya tootin' on them bagpipes clad, but you said it best,
there's No Place To Hide

Jon: What the fuck ya sayin'? You're a pimp whateva, limp dick
Fred Durst needs to rehearse,
needs to reverse what he's saying
Wanna be Funkdoobiest when you're playin', rippin' up a bad counterfeit, fakin'!
Plus your bills I'm paying,
you can't eat that shit every day, Fred
Lay off the bacon...

Fred: Say what, say what? You better watch your fuckin' mouth, Jon.

Jon: So you hate me?
Fred: and I hate you!
Jon: You know what, you know what?
Both: It's all in the family
Jon: I hate you!
Fred: and you hate me!
Jon: You know what, you know what?
Both: It's all in the family

Jon: Look at you fool, I'm gonna fuck you up twice,
Throwin' rhymes at me like, oh shit alright, Vanilla Ice
Ya better run, run while ya can,
you'll never fuck me up, Bisc Limpkit
At least I got a phat, original band

Fred: Who's hot, who's not?
Jon: You
Fred: You best step back, Korn on the cob, you need a new job
Time to take them mic skills
back to the dentist, and buy yourself a new grill
Jon: Fuck you
Fred: You pumpkin pie, I'll jack-off in your eye
Climbing shoots and ladders,
while your ego shatters
But you just can't get away
Jon: Get a gay?
Fred: 'Cause it's doomsday, kid, it's doomsday

Jon: So I hate you!
Fred: and you hate me!
Jon: You know what, you know what?
Both: It's all in the family
Jon: I hate you!
Fred: and you hate me!
Jon: You know what, you know what?
Both: It's all in the family

Fred: You call yourself a singer?
Jon: Yep
Fred: You moan like Jerry Springer
Jon: Oh cool!
Fred: Your favorite band is winger,
Jon: Winger?
Fred: and all you eat is Zingers
You're like a Fruity Pebble,
your favorite flag is rebel
Jon: Yeeeeeehaaaaaa!!
Fred: It's just too bad that you're a faggot on a lower level

Jon: So you're from Jacksonville, kickin' it like Buffalo Bill?
Gettin' butt-fucked by your uncle Chuck,
while your sister's on her knees waitin' for your little peanut

Fred: Wait, where'd ya get that little dance?
Jon: Over here
Fred: Like them idiots in Waco, you're burning up in Bako
where your father had your mother, your mother had your brother, it's just too bad your father's mad, your mother's now your lover

Jon: Come on hillbilly, can your horse do a fuckin' wheelie?
You love it down south in the fall,
you sure do got a purdy mouth.

Jon: I hate you!
Fred: and I hate you!
Jon: You know what, you know what?
Both: It's all in the family
Jon: and I hate you!
Fred: and you hate me!
Jon: You know what, you know what?
Both: It's all in the family
Jon: and I love you!
Fred: and I want you!
Jon: and I'll suck you!
Fred: and I'll fuck you!
Jon: and I'll butt-fuck you!
Fred: and I'll eat you!
Jon: and I'll lick your little dick, motherfucka
Fred: Say what? Say... what?

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All In the Family (feat. Fred Durst) song meanings
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    General Comment

    this song was done after korn got a grammy.. fred called and asked if he wanted to do a song.. and this is the result... no real meaning, just for fun

    Pharmicopiaon April 12, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General Comment

    what could be better at the time in which korn and limp bizkit were both on top.

    nick joneson May 03, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    Jon: Fred was there after Korn TV and we said, 'Let's do a song together, Hey, man, let's go back and forth and rip on each other like an old school battle.' I don't know who's idea it was, I can't remember if it was mine or Fieldy's or Fred's but we came up with the idea and we started writing and we worked on it together. I came up with some bags on myself for Fred to say. It was all in good natured fun.

    shesatanon August 02, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General Comment

    This is funny.......Everyone is talking about how gay Fred Durst is (which I agree) And everyone is saying that he's gay because he said he'll jack-off in Jon's eye. Apparently they're taking this song quite literally (which is stupid because evertone knows this is a mess around song) But in actuality if you do that you must call Jon gay to as well becouse they both say the'll Fu@# each other so yeah...........

    Lloyd-Giovanni666on November 02, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General Comment

    THis song is funny as hell. It's just a haha for two friends. They don't have a true meaning for it.

    sixedhearton November 12, 2004   Link
  • +1
    General Comment

    MY FAVORITE BAND. :D yeah, fred's pretty much a faggot. but korn's amazing, & this song is HILARIOUSSSS like always.

    justmeggy:)on March 31, 2008   Link
  • +1
    General Comment

    This song is awe-fucking-some. J.D. sound incredibly gay yet still sexy and Fred Durst sounds gay as well as wannabe-ish rapper. I've never heard a Limp Bizket song so I can't judge or pretend to know why so many people hate them. I just can't get over how funny this song is...

    LostCauseLoseron August 09, 2008   Link
  • 0
    General Comment

    Korn - Musical Gods; Creators of NuMetal; Musical Gods..

    Pharmicopiaon April 19, 2002   Link
  • 0
    General Comment

    Woohoo finally got it up to a 5 rating!

    Aliranwanon April 24, 2002   Link
  • 0
    General Comment

    Korn vs Limp Bizkit - Good fighting match, but I screw that

    slimsiwyon April 25, 2002   Link

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