She is trapped inside a month of grey
And they take a little every day
She is a victim of her own responses
Shackled to a heart that wants to settle
And then runs away
It's a sin to be fading endlessly
Yeah, but she's alright with me

She is leaving on a walkaway
She is leaving me in disarray
In the absence of a place to be
She stands there looking back at me
Hesitates, and then turns away
She'll change so suddenly
She's just like mercury
Yeah, but she's alright with me

Keep some sorrow in your hearts and minds
For the things that die before their time
For the restlessly abandoned homes
The tired and weary rambler's bones
And stay beside me where I lie
She's entwined in me
Crazy as can be
Yeah, but she's alright with me

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Mercury Lyrics as written by Adam Fredric Duritz David Lynn Bryson

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    this is not a song about love- this is a song about addiction. this is not a song about changes, this is a song about sinking in the sand in one place and one time- this is not a song about tenderness this is a song about blindness. this a song about a girl so fucked up inside that everything she touches just turns bad its a song about a girl whos hands are like knives and when you love her she just sticks you with them its not a song about love. its a song about a girl who lies and cheats and changes everything she says because shes just like mercury- adam duritz

    its tough to listen to him talk about this song. all of my relationships have ended because i am this girl. and i dont know what to do about it. its not that the girl is crazy its that she cant get her point across. "in absence of a place to be she stares there looking back at me- she hesitates and then turns away"... shes a victim as much as hes a victim. thats why they fit so well and why theyre addicted to eachother. she needs a reason to be there and he needs a reason to stay. and theyre both bad reasons. it makes me cry to listen to this song.

    you cant accept her for who she is because shell kill herself or loving you and youll kill yourself for loving her... but all you want to do is love eachother.

    Crusher of Flowerson October 07, 2008   Link
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    General Comment

    its about being with a crazy woman, lke me!

    rainanneon May 14, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    jess...this is what in a nutshell?

    snoyarcon July 23, 2002   Link
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    man, i love this song. apparently through my pre-school i was coded as 'mercury' (my name is meaghan) when the teachers talked about all the hell i raised. 'changing so suddenly'.. i just found that out a few weeks ago and i thought, how fitting. :) good AND bad, i fit adam's description to a tee. what's nice about it is, the idea that you can become so attached to someone else, you're almost consumed by the other person -- crazy or sane, he was enchanted by who she was.. it's give you some hope that someday someone might love your crazy ass too.

    rebelwithoutacluexoon August 23, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    Amen. I'd rather be with a crazy girl than a mainstream beauty. There's just that much more depth of personality. Granted, you'll never solve the riddle (as hard as you'll try) but love isn't something that can be "solved" in the first place.

    And... if you have the power to make this girl act crazy from time to time, it's probably because she has confusing feelings for you. So be flattered and take solace in this. It's frustrating as all hell, but don't write her off. She's alright.

    davidecoyoteon April 22, 2003   Link
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    this song describes me perfectly, too. i love love love it. that includes the "yeah, but she's alright with me"... because i'm totally find with being insane!! :]

    angelofthesilenceon October 18, 2004   Link
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    this song describes me perfectly, too. i love love love it. that includes the "yeah, but she's alright with me"... because i'm totally fine with being insane!! :]

    angelofthesilenceon October 18, 2004   Link
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    General Comment

    davidecoyote hit it right on the head especially with his analogy of the riddle... people want to be kept off balance, most of us love the chase and there is no better chase than one with a crazy girl...

    Adam hates the fact that the girl is crazy, but loves it at the same time, it makes her unique. "Normal" is boring.

    mr. joneson December 03, 2004   Link
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    I wonder why 'Mercury'. Could it be the planet - closest to the sun (maybe too hot to settle) or the chemical, which heats and cools quickly and moves. It is a metal, but doesn't have all its charecterisitics (such as it isn't hard, maybe she can't settle?)

    phil_FFFon March 27, 2006   Link
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    General Comment

    according to adam, "This is a song about addiction, not a song about love"

    ljump12on August 28, 2006   Link

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