Checking into leaving, yeah I'm folding
Tired of breakin' down and shaking
This life around
Tired of praying, yeah tired of trying myself
I'm tired of being taken all the way
I don't need to be godless, but I am
I don't need my head, keepin' all my problems
I don't need your hand of God
I don't need, I say I'm godless
With no where to fall, I'm all ready to fall
Day by day I'm like a paper puppet and I'm stumbling around
Aching on the brain and I'm in
Big trouble big trouble
Still got to breathe oh yea
Like my shame this will all go down
God damned me that's for sure and I believe
I believed I don't belong here
I don't need, to get my head kicked in
And I don't need to be another lost soul that can't find home
I don't need to get my face
Dragged down in the muddy water
I don't need to say I'm godless anymore
Still I'm gone still I'm on the run
Still I'm on the break of the edge
Still I'm, still I'm feeling dead
I don't need to be godless but I am
I don't need to be another lost soul who can't find home
I don't need your hand of god
I don't need to be godless anymore
With nowhere to fall

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Godless Lyrics as written by Weber Albro

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Godless song meanings
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    General Commentthe song is about a guy who is lost in the world.
    he thinks he needs to find god and he can't and he doesn't mean not to believe in Him.
    punkrockron June 02, 2002   Link
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    General Commentactually i think this song is about a person who doesnt believe in god and how religion seems to make him remember his problems when he wants to forget them, and how he doesnt need gods forgiveness and gods help
    kerplinkoon June 04, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThis album seems to have a lot talking about atheist beliefs and falling away from god. The lyrics to the album are very dark and angry.. yet very powerful. I don't think the guy is trying to find god, but lose him, just my two cents.

    This cd is truly great, one of my favorites..
    UPO is terribly good, if you ever get a chance to pick up their cd's do it.. the lead singer is spectacular. One of the best hard rock bands no one has heard of.
    Instuments: Decent
    Vocals: Great
    Lyrics: Meaningful
    Feel: I'd say they are like the band Cold but better.
    hailtokidamnesiacon October 27, 2004   Link
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    General CommentI'd say the guy is admitting he needs something. I'm kinda there myself. Perhaps he's been without faith in a higher power and is suddenly realizing that life's bland without believing in something. He's having problems. Life's getting him down. He hurts. And he's singing about all of that. Just because the song says 'god' doesn't necessarily mean JUST God, though. Maybe he needs a purpose and direction.
    suckymusicsuckson July 07, 2006   Link
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    General Commentthe song is not just about God. It has other meanings. I am in this situation right now in my life. I pray and pray and still the world kicks me in the face and I am tired of the pain. Why pray to God if he is not going to answer you and continue to let you go through all the pain? I want to believe in God and I want to live for him but i can't because I pray for help to get through all this and there is nothing. Why should I believe in God if he doesn't believe in me.
    terry10155on July 08, 2017   Link

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