I know I should have told you
I was so afraid you'd leave
And now there's nothing left to say
Well nothing that you'd believe

I never meant to hurt you
With the things i couldn't say
I'd promise you tomorrow
While denying you today

These words have torn my world apart

A darkness grows inside me
In shading fades of gray
All the colours of the world
Are slowly sucked away

I'm sinking ever deeper
To a place that's cold and black
I can't believe i lost you
And you're never coming back

These words have torn my world apart

Soon the night will take me
And save me from my pain
Cloak me in cold darkness
And help me lose your name

These words have torn my world apart

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Torn Apart song meanings
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    General Comment

    everyone has things to tell people, but they dont know what the person they care about would do if they tell him/her.

    ArchAngelVanityon June 07, 2002   Link
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    Forgetting. Loseing yourself, the world's gone, its "torn apart", and you're left with nothing. Absolutly nothing, except this instense pain that can't gt any worse, and all you can do is wait for it to subside.

    Victory Marchon June 09, 2002   Link
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    it is hiding a secret and then coming out with it and then he/she gets torn apart (ex. bill clinton and that monical something he hid that from his wife and then finaly came out with it and look at where he is now) a quote i smoked it but i never inhaled

    oldskoolpunker23on August 24, 2002   Link
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    This is my favorite song, before i heard this song i listened to no music at all. there is a minor error in the lyrics presented here, it says "soon the light will take me" but it should be "Soon the night will take me" Its about hiding something, but not telling, lying about it or saying "ill tell you later",(possably 'id promise you tomorrow while denying you today')- another interpertation of this line could be dates or even marrage, promiseing that you would marry someone, but knowing all the time you wont , not telling them because you dont want them to leave and also you dont want to hurt them

    All the time you tell them what you know to be a lie, it rips you up inside, an emotional void forms (a darkness grows inside me) and this takes all your happiness and joy is stolen, your thrown into a depression deeper than you thought possible (a place thats cold and black) and since you chaged so much they leave, and you know they wont come back

    the lies you told to keep them, have torn them away, lies once again are tearing your world apart

    all you have left is the depression, and the memory, and all you can hope for is to die soon (soon the night will take me)

    The lies you told to keep the one you love have now torn your world sp far apart from all you were that you are only left with death and depression

    it might not be right but this is what it means to me

    drake of darknesson December 29, 2004   Link
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    Lol not all the words apply, but this song kinda describes my situation. See my gf got sick with a mix of mono (from me lol) and tonsilitus. now her dad is telling her we cant kiss for 6 months. Now i have taken some research time and i kno that is total bullshit. but she listens to her daddy, so im stuck. so we have been together for 7~8 months now, and we can only do stuff like we have been together one or two. six months not really being able to love her is really hard. kind of, its tearing my world apart. My mind usually gets the best of me, but all my friends are making out with there gfs, and im just stuck. just a bland world of gray, no color... just locked away in a cold dark cellar for 6 months... i really hate it. Plus it goes right over summer... perfect time for summer love, eh? how flucky am I? pouts

    SaigonGardenon June 24, 2005   Link
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    Oh friggin grow a pair, you whiny sap. This song has nothing to do with the fact that you can't kiss your g/f. If you had half a brain you'd show her the info you found and she'd give up believing her dad. Moron.

    But anyway, Drake said it best. You hid something from someone (Not nessecarily your girlfriend, could be a parent or a close friend) and when they found out from someone/where else they were pissed and everything went down the shit hole.

    Reaveon August 15, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    Darkest Days is a concept album made up of four acts, each portraying a different emotional phase gone through after a break-up. The first act (Tracks 1-4) is about sabotaging the relationship. The second act (Tracks 5-9) is about lust, hope, and longing. The third act (Tracks 10-12) is about hitting rock bottom after it is all over. The fourth act (Tracks 13-16) is about recovery and self-respect. This song is track 8. It's towards the end of the longing phase. I'm not sure what made the singer write this album but I'm sure it wasn't a great successful relationship. I don't know if it's his personal story or just observations of other peoples struggles after a breakup. I do however know I find myself listening to it and having it be my own personal struggles more than I want it too.

    thatomeguyon January 28, 2018   Link

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