Kom unge bror

Skjenk oss din rene ungdom

Legg ditt liv i våre hender

Kjemp vår krig med oss

La våre sorger formørke ditt sinn

La din sjel slites

Føl natten som legger seg rundt deg

Glem all kjærlighet

Ingen tårer skal fylle dine netter

Tre inn i broderskapets ring

Ingen svakhet skal du finne i din sjel

Styrken skal vandre ved din side


Del ditt hat med oss

Forlat ditt svake legeme

La deg ei forvirres av vakre ord

I døden finnes all makt

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Broderskapets Ring song meanings
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    General CommentTRANSLATION:

    come young brother
    pour us your pure youth
    put your life in our hands
    fight our battle together with us

    let our sorrows darken your mind
    let your soul be torn
    feel the night closing around you
    forget all love

    no tears shall fill your nights
    step into the circle of the brotherhood
    no weakness you will find in your soul
    strength shall wander beside you

    share your hatred with us
    leave your weak body
    let not beautilful words confuse you
    in death all power/might is found
    Ddaduttaon October 04, 2005   Link
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    General CommentTHis is about a brotherhood of some dark thingy.
    Possibly a cult.
    m333333on April 06, 2007   Link
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    General CommentAwesome song, love the vocals, m3's meaning makes sense, and thank you Ddadutta for the translation
    ZionsVillageIdioton January 31, 2008   Link
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    My Interpretation(Zions - I didn't mean to reply to you, it was a general statement. This website is a fucking pain in the ass.)

    Thank you so much for the translation! I was able to follow along a bit.

    The title is Circle of the Brotherhood. This song is definitely about finding truth in our existence. The twist is that the brotherhood is not necessarily of a living, breathing Order of Truth (comprised greatly of Norwegians, haha), but could be interpreted as simply death. Death has always been the truth. It is the only reality we have known for an eternity before our existence, and it is the only reality we will know for an eternity after our existence. It is an incredible paradigm of necros interruptus.

    I always scream the very last line along with Shagrath in the car: I døden finnes all makt!!!!! FUUUCKCKKK!!!!!!
    keraunoscopiaon June 25, 2009   Link
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    General CommentI´d much rather suggest that it is spoken from the view of Christianity. "Brorskap" - "Brüderschaft" - "Brotherhood": that clearly reminds of abissal origin.

    I mean, it is Christian thought that values death as the beginning of the "true life" - that's one point being truly disgusting: "true, better life" starts at the end of life? How much would someone need to hate and reject life in order to make up the idea, that life starts at the end of life!?

    So, what I think is the meaning of this, is that a Monk or some other fiend of life talks to a young person, in order to get him join the circle. (People hating life don't want others to enjoy living. Jealousy - if that's the English word for "Neid"...)
    The twist is, that the Brother is not able to utter the lies he normally utters in such cases. It´s like in the film with Jim Carrey, where he is a lawyer and keeps saying what really thinks is true. (That movie sucked so much ass, though...)
    In the case of the brother: he tells the young boy, what he really does with him: draining life and soul off of him, letting him be obsessed by "Geist", logos, ratio.

    Thus, these lyrics express the core of Christian belief.
    Gugguraon April 22, 2010   Link

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