When we came here it was done, I felt completely useless
Never learned to quite adjust and all along they knew this
Carousel would someday stop and throw us off in anger
I guess I didn't think I'd ever see this sitcom dramedy

They wrote the script for us already
It's not the time that makes us guilty
It's all done, the hatreds built, the walls divide
And when I die I'll leave you with these

Animals that think the future's in their minds
It's in their minds but they're so blind
And so I leave it behind, ecological man-made crime
And so I leave you behind to these miraculous, intelligent,

Incredible, extrodinary minds
Junk mail stacked into the sky, recycled paper and plastic
Then we said that we would try, decreasing figures were drastic
But it didn't do much good, nobody cares about it

Not much emotion in my neighborhoold, my apartment's made
Of wood I haven't given more than I could
It's not the time that makes us guilty
It's the ones before the ones that lit the fuse

Cancer causing smog injecting in the vein
That makes the world go round so fast
And you won't last, its in the past

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    man you guys need to hear this song! if im the only one who likes it enough to comment on it, then thats sad kuz this song is so good. great guitar
    EndIsForever98on June 16, 2002   Link
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    whats with the lack of comments on all these great NUFAN songs?¿?¿ well anyway this is an awsome song NUFAN rocks!!!
    Daddyslittle defecton July 03, 2002   Link
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    Hmm...I find this song a little harder to relate to than most of their songs, but I get a general sense of the recognition that The Man is at it again..this time it's not just taking over the world in a figuritive sense, but a literal sense! Chemical plants, wasteful people, ignorance of peoples' actions that affect everyone and even the earth. "Junk mail stacked up to the sky, recycled paper and plastic, then we said that we would try, decreasing figures were drastic but I guess it did no good (correct lyric - the one posted here is wrong, even though the liner notes for ¡Leche con Carne! may say otherwise; this is what Tony actually sings in the song if anyone can't figure it out lol) nobody cares about it, not much emotion in my neighborhood, my apartment's made of wood, I haven't given more than I could"... ...I think expresses the pollution stats have more than reached impure levels and how politicians claim to do something about it but they never do...people just don't seem to care, and NUFAN's venting their frusteration with it all. Also, NUFAN realizes that their apartment is made of wood (or whoever specifically wrote the song) as to make a point that our lives are pretty much sitting on the use of the world's resources, and they don't feel that they've really given back as much as they could've given the grotesque amounts of earth we dig apart everyday. I f***ing love this song, and yeah, in short it's about the earth and how people today don't really seem to give a sh** about it, or anything for that matter.
    sacrifice_for_life1on May 30, 2004   Link

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