Frozen fingers on my skin
Guilty hands clutching gin
Your tin, thin eyes can't see within
Soul to soul and skin to skin we burn
And the silence won't subside
As I crawl to your scaly side
Your eyes could never hide
My eyes and all their pride

My shoulder to your face is so warm
Dim light from the moon outlines our form
You're sinewy and shiftless and so forlorn
Between here and there and everywhere you're torn

Carving out a piece for me, saving three for you
Squeeze me tight and that's all

Waiting........waiting for you

To call out my name, speak to me
And say that it's alright to be on the wrong track
Call out my name, speak to me
And say that it's alrigh to be on the wrong track

There's a warm breeze in the city tonight
Soft light makes every sad sight seem alright
And I'm spinning around and we're holding tight
Soul to soul and face to face we turn.....

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    i think this song is about a girlfriend who just can't give him everything he needs, possibly because of a drinking problem (guilty hands clutching gin). the problems she's having that are tearing her "between her and there and everywhere" make her shiftless and shallow (tin, thin eyes can't see within...your eyes could never hide my eyes and all of their pride). he stays with her anyway, hoping that some day she'll tell him what he needs to hear, that everything will be okay, "that it's all right to be on the wrong track." he's not sure why he doesn't leave, and "soft light makes every sad sight seem all right," so the stay together.

    Yossarianon June 12, 2002   Link
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    i think the guy loves this girl very much, and she loves him too, and all he has is the girl that makes him happy. but when she's not there, it seems like everything is wrong. if they're not supposed to be together, then it's alright for now. (that's all right to be on the wrong track) and they're still 'turning' together at the end..."soul to soul face to face we turn."

    RebelPancakeon August 30, 2002   Link
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    The bass line in this song owns your mom.

    Eamonon October 27, 2004   Link
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    this song's so freakin's about the most perfect, non-perfect love

    pop_iton May 24, 2005   Link
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    songs can mean different things to everyone, i love that. to me, this one is about a love that is wrong but feels so right (guilty hands). its a secret relationship that 2 people are trying to decide what to do about, they won't admit it but they can't deny it either. they give into temptation (i crawl to your scaly side) and sex is how they deal with it. its a way for them to be close without opening up to eachother (soul to soul and skin to skin we burn). they just keep waiting, trying to figure it all out, waiting to admit what they want, even though it may be "wrong;" to admit that whats wrong to everyone else, is right for them (call out my name, speak to me, say that its alright to be on the wrong track). they finally accept it in the end (soul to soul and face to face we turn). love it.

    sdg1025on March 23, 2009   Link

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