Yes yes y'all, ooh funk....
Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all
From the ol schizzy with the yes yizzy y'all
Ooh in come funk
Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all
From the ol schizzy it's the yes yizzy y'all
Ooh notes come wrong

Verse 1:

Dre is chillin, Ruff is chillin
What more can I say? (Let's make a million)
M-E-L-Man, niggas call me Most
I be rockin on the East and the West Coast
Your mail go back like Emmitt Smith's hairline
With Jordache devils and Calvin Kleins
This shit be on my mind like O'Donnells interceptions
How would I look with Mike's complexion
Eat me, freak me, take your hand and leave me
All I wanna say is "I don't really give a fuck"
cos Most he be mega
Copped the Play Station but still play the Sega
and in the PJ's I DJ and blow amps
Bad as *?shrimp stampy?* with the food stamps
Huh, I'm not a stranger to danger
On the streets I be known as the jaw rearranger
Heavy with the metal, Mel-Man rule
White boys say it now "Cool, cool, cool!!!"
I bring the fizzy that's the obvious
I got a grip but the only clip I load be the floppy disk
In the SP or the MV, see three G
Ho's see me comin in 3-D
I spread Lizzy with ten mates
Hit the skins and I break out like an inmate
Hey yo, that's how it is and that's how I want it
This is my world and I'm shittin on it


(On the world) Shittin on it
(On the world) Shittin on the world
(Here me, yeah, shittin on the world)

Verse 2:

I warm it up like humidity
Mel, okay I'm here til infinity
My shit be with the Ewok
This is my planet but I never wear the Reebok
When we rock to the beat of accapella
Most reigns supreme, niggas grab your umbrellas
It's time to bounce so where the player, mate?
Jealous MC's still drinkin on that "Hator"rade
Bitches flirtin with the giggles and chuckles
You'll never get the jezzy bare, knuckle
cos I get a tingle in the jimmy after three days in it
Hold up! Back to the clinic
Uhh, aah, poked your bitch in the eye
then I step like Omega's hifi (AWROOF!)
I walk the earth like Moses
Any mackadocious, I grew up with no chips
Shows I turn out
I got dough but still call my hos on my burnout
But can't phone long distance
I'm a rich nigga still gettin public assistance
Rockin shit on a task cam
Got MC's talkin 'bout "I love you, man"
But you can't get my last bud
or my last dove outta beats we be makin
Dre and M-E-L got the whole Earth quakin
That's how it is and that's how I want it
This is my world and I'm shittin on it

Chorus x3

Outro: (over chorus)

Yes yes y'all, ooh funk...
Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all
From the ol schizzy with the yes yizzy y'all
Ooh in come funk
Yes yes y'all, to the beat y'all
Every three days and the El change ???
Ooh, Most come funk

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