Sitting all alone, inside, today Jane.
The other girls are home, we're playing a new game.
The voice is very, very close, you like it that way,
and we're feeling rather warm inside.

Are you smiling or afraid?
You can have it either way.

Lady Jane your eyes are wide today,
and the world is looking very strange, you must proclaim!
It's quite a scary, scary ride we take, Lady Jane.

Yesterday seemed very dark, but now it's bright,
your clouds have gone away.
Sensory perception peaking at this time,
electric waves of sound are filling Janie's mind today
calling out to Janie as you drift away, "Don't be afraid,
they're only your illusion anyway."

Lady Jane your eyes are wide today.
and we're sure you won't forget the things
you've seen today!

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Lady Jane Lyrics as written by Christopher Degarmo


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    General Comment
    Good interpretations, but Lady Jane is about drug experimentation. Listen to it again, and note the song title in relation to that concept.
    DeclarationDayon August 21, 2007   Link
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    Yeah your right ESP I didnt realize that. It makes alot of sense now. Thats probly what its about.
    TheMisfitDreameron March 12, 2005   Link
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    I listened to the live CD release back when this album came out and have the full meaning. The song is about a young girl who is in an insane asylum and is (I assume) manic depressive.
    Exodus5on March 07, 2006   Link
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    If we're going for a mental disorder it's more likely a schizotypal personality disorder due to the persistence of social isolation (sitting all alone...), complex trauma (the voice is very very close...), inappropriate emotional affect (are you smiling or afraid...), "odd" or "magical" thinking (and the world is looking very strange...), and alterations in sensory perception (Yesterday seemed very dark, but now it's bright...) There's literally nothing to indicate drug use other than the name and even that's a stretch - Lady Jane is a very, very common honorific and is actually used more commonly in literature as a reference to the Nine Days' Queen of England, Lady Jane Grey who was later considered a martyr. Forget the drugs, this is possibly much more interesting.
    imnxntricon April 16, 2014   Link
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    General Comment
    Does anyone know what this song means. It kinda sounds like a girl thats a bit of a misfit and her imagination is speaking to her or somthing. Towards the end it seems she's listening to music and thats why her clouds have gone away. Someone tell me what they think cause I'm not to sure
    TheMisfitDreameron September 21, 2004   Link
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    I don't know, but it is a great song. I think maybe the girl has Extra Sensory Perception ("Sensory perception peaking at this time") and she is in a psychiatric type environment or something being monitored by doctors ("we're playing a new game"). The only reason I would guess this is because of Silent Lucidity which talks about lucid dreaming, a related mental experience.
    zenwizardon February 26, 2005   Link
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    It's about Bi-Polarity a kind manic depression or-and about drug abuse (Mary Jane normaly used for Marihuana)But Bipolarity often goes hand in han with drug abuse. Normaly in that case drugs have another cause than to otehr peoples. Even coffein can be like (it sounds a little bit disturbing cause of the upper and downer effect)a downer. Kokain sometimes make People with an Alpha wave disturbtion think like normal People again. It's hard to tell a normal person how someone who is a Bi- polarity character felt, This song tries to tell the side of the story how it feels when you're young and the probs are growing. So if your thoughts may kill you, and your emotions are changing with every aspect of human beeing, don't be afraid. Maybe it's a curse, but only a few are blessed with it, and less than that survived.
    malister666on March 14, 2009   Link
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    I don't know about the drug aspect of the song... sure, Lady Jane IS the other name for Marijuana, and the line "Chase the dragon" is slang for LSD (or was it heroin?)... But, the song feels too sad to simply be about drug experimentation. The piano and the tempo add to this feeling. Maybe it's about a person slowly shutting themselves in because of their addiction? Maybe it's about losing said person who was once your friend? Maybe there's an entirely different theme - like others have pointed out, it could go hand in hand with a mental hospital or something in that vein.
    Dereckon March 18, 2013   Link
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    All good interpretations. But how come hasn't anyone been thinking that this could be about something much more incest?
    DelArcoon August 04, 2019   Link
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    Actually, could even be about a kidnapped and abused child. Think about it.. "Whispering to a horny motherfucker can. Want it or not, it's going to happen. To a doll eyed girl. He's feel some hidden self pity... This happens day after day. Jane has only a radio to take her thoughts away from abuse. He's mind tricking her not to believe to be abused. It's only illusion. Still he knows, that what he does will not ever be forgotten by Jane." Well, that's what I think about it..
    DelArcoon August 06, 2019   Link

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