The heart is abloom
Shoots up through the stony ground
There's no room
No space to rent in this town
You're out of luck
And the reason that you had to care
The traffic is stuck
And you're not moving anywhere
You thought you'd found a friend
To take you out of this place
Someone you could lend a hand in return for grace

It's a beautiful day
Sky falls, you feel like
It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away

You're on the road
But you've got no destination
You're in the mud
In the maze of her imagination
You love this town
Even if that doesn't ring true
You've been all over
And it's been all over you

It's a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
It's a beautiful day
Ooh, ooh, ooh

Touch me
Take me to that other place
Teach me
I know I'm not a hopeless case

See the world in green and blue
See China right in front of you
See the canyons broken by cloud
See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out
See the Bedouin fires at night
See the oil fields at first light and
See the bird with a leaf in her mouth
After the flood, all the colors came out

It was a beautiful day
Don't let it get away
Beautiful day

Touch me
Take me to that other place
Reach me
I know I'm not a hopeless case

What you don't have, you don't need it now
What you don't know, you can feel it somehow
What you don't have, you don't need it now
Don't need it now
Was a beautiful day

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Beautiful Day Lyrics as written by Adam Clayton Paul David Hewson

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  • +12
    General CommentI've battled cancer and won.
    This is the song I used to play during chemo and radiation treatments.
    Got me through it all.
    Thank you U2! (and my powerful goddess within)

    SwimmingJewelon June 25, 2010   Link
  • +8
    General Commentits just about seeing how wonderful the world can be by noticing the everyday things like just listening to a bird sing in a tree or a sun set, really beautiful things that most people dont give a thought to because they are so tied up with money and time.
    joeytheboyon July 10, 2002   Link
  • +6
    General CommentNot a fan of the band's, but I like this song. It's a GREAT way to start the day. If ya woke up (alive, obviously); the sun is shining; there's a roof over your head; there's food in the fridge; and you have family a phone call away, than it IS a beautiful day!
    UseSomeoneElseon May 08, 2012   Link
  • +4
    General Commentfound this on the web...

    "The song encourages us to focus on the good in life. “It’s a beautiful day/ Don’t let it get away… Touch me, take me to that other place/ Teach me, I know I’m not a hopeless case.” Bono also introduces images of hope. One that is particularly noteworthy is that of “the bird with a leaf in her mouth” followed by “after the flood all the colors came out.” This is referring to the time when God destroyed the earth by flood. When Noah sent out a dove and it returned with a leaf in its mouth, he knew there was dry ground and new life. God gave the rainbow as a sign that he would never again destroy the entire earth with a flood. (Genesis 8-9). Hence the rainbow, as God intended, is a sign of hope and regeneration. "
    raysrealityon November 05, 2004   Link
  • +3
    General CommentThe lyrics bring hope. Like a great deal of their music lyrically-they paint a picture. :)
    Thia007on November 16, 2011   Link
  • +2
    General CommentThis song basically means, that whatever is happening, its still a beautiful day and it shouldnt be wasted "dont let it get away".
    By far one of the most uplifting songs I have ever heard.
    DC10on January 26, 2006   Link
  • +2
    General CommentThis is just an extremely positive song. No matter what happens, there are still great things to look forward to.
    schlenksteron October 26, 2008   Link
  • +2
    General CommentTo me this is a song of happiness without any sense of deep thought of the future. Yes, right now we are happy in this vapid environment, but we don't take to heart all the things that are destroyed and polluted to make our "beautiful day" possible. Our "day" is only going to last for so long. We should all find a deeper meaning as to why we are actually here. We enjoy simply being alive, but we should make our time here mean so much more. Tuna fleets clearing the sea out...oil fields at first light...The fact that we can a block or two to fill our tanks and we never give a thought as to how that fuel reaches the station. We can only sustain our way of life for so long.
    CthulhuYouon January 13, 2012   Link
  • +1
    General Commentgreat song and its astonishing to see no one comments on songs done by u2..............u2 rocks man
    undisturbedon June 02, 2002   Link
  • +1
    General Commentto the comment by apb1215, dont u think feeling happy is worth trading money for?? i know if i would rather be happy than have 20$ in my pocket...
    BigHeadJedon April 28, 2003   Link

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