Hell no I don't want to holla at no motherfuckin Trick
He all over there smelling like boonk and Hennesey and shit
Hell no

I'm saying though
What you got a playa back there just trying to say what's up

Hell no
I don't want to holla at him, that's alright

Hold up bitch
Hold up bitch
Hold up hoe
Check it out

Hoe you don't know nann nigga, uh uh
That'll represent like me
Who'll say some shit like me
One who'll lay the dick like me

Bitch you don't know nann nigga, uh uh
Who do the shit that I do
Run through yo whole lil' crew
Pay for it if I got to

Hoe you don't know nann nigga, uh uh
That'll run off in yo house
Put the gun off in yo mouth
Blow yo motherfucking brains out

Bitch you don't know nann nigga, uh uh
Who'll fall off in the club
Free drinks for the show, some love
Take the bar home for the thugs

Bitch you don't know nann nigga, uh uh
Who know mo' niggas than me
Who do mo' killings than me
And weigh mo' dope dealings than me

Bitch you don't know nann nigga, uh uh (nope, nope)
Bitch you don't know nann nigga, uh uh (no, no, no)

You don't know nann nigga
That dress fresher than me
And you don't know nann nigga that wear mo' Polo shit than me
Bitch you don't know nann nigga, uh uh
Who do mo' freaky stuff
Eat the coochie with the legs up
Then I blow it all in yo butt

And I don't know nann hoe, uh uh
Who liked the dick like you
Who'll bite the dick like you
On a dikey bitch like you
And I don't like a bitch like you
I'll fight a bitch like you
Ol' trifling bitch like you
Ain't no telling what you might do

Bitch you don't know nann nigga uh uh
Hoe you don't know nann nigga uh uh

Uh uh, uh uh, uh uh
Hold up who the fuck this nigga think he is, he got me fucked up
I ain't ashamed of nothing I do
Hold up check this shit out

You don't know nann hoe, uh uh
Don' been the places I been
Who can spend the grands that I spend
Fuck 'bout 5 or 6 best friends

And you don't know nann hoe, uh uh
That's off the chain like me
That'll floss the thang like me
On a awful thang like me

You don't know nann hoe, uh uh
That sell more ass than me
You know nann hoe
That'll make you come like me

Nigga you don't know nann hoe, uh uh
That don' tried all types of shit
Who quick to deep throat the dick
And let another bitch straight lick the clit

Now you don't know nann hoe, uh uh
That'll keep it wet like me
Make it come back to back like me
Lick a nigga nut sack like me

Now you don't know nann hoe, uh uh
That'll ride the dick on the dime
Who love to fuck all the time
One who's pussy fatter than mine

Bitch you don't know nann hoe

Hold up baby hold up
What you said you'll do bitch

Nigga you heard what I motherfucking said

Well baby if you gon' be doin' all this
You need to be on my team
'Cause I'm the realest nigga you motherfucking know

Well if you want me you know how to find me
Taterhead got the number

Tater boy bet they help Tater boy
Ha ha ha ha

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Nann Nigga Lyrics as written by Adam Duggins Maurice Young

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