Mama I want to thank you
For sharing your blessings upon me
Taking time to understand the lady I want to be

Yes mama
Mama I want to thank you
For sharing your blessings upon me
Taking time to understand the lady I want to be

This cold world had me num the pain like novacaine
Till mama sat me down unfold the gate
Showed me the straight path through the narrow lane
Sunshine after rain the joy of pain
Mama you raised a good girl don't worry
You used to say take it slow trina don't hurry
Use to tuck me in with the bedtime story
Now I grown up and you still there for me
My shoulder to lean on
You kept my dreams goin
I owe it all to you me now I got the green flowing
And I'm gon always be yo baby
And I can't never repay you for all the things that you gave me
You raised me to be a lady
And you scoot me to the game so them niggas couldnt play me
You was more than a mother you was a friend
The greatest love of all comes from within
I know ill never kknow love like this again
And beneath my wings you was the wind
I love you like none other
Cause you can only live your whole life but only get one mother

Being there for me through the thick and thin
More than a mother your my best friend
Look within and take yo place

Sometimes I want to run to ya
Through the ups and downs I know I can still come to ya
I think bout the things I done to ya
But through all the drama I know I'm still number one to ya
Uh, look at how far you brought me
All the things you have taught me
Money couldnt bought me
You never wanted us to make the same mistakes
When the game got high and they raised the stakes
You was still in my corner to press the brace
Till I'm ready in yo arms you kept me safe
Through the thick and thin I'm gon be there for ya
I say a prayer for ya
Lord knows I care for ya
Through hard times we got strong or mother to daughter
When I was weak you was my bridge over trouble water
Can't nobody replace you
I'm forever faithful
For you mama I'm grateful
Your baby girl is a reflection of you
I thank the lord up above cause he blessed me with you, uh
I love you like none other
Cause you can live your whole life but you can only get one mother

(yes mama)
mama I want to thank you
For sharing your blessings upon me (oh mama)
Taking time to understand
The lady I want to be (keep reapeting till fades out)

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Mama Lyrics as written by Cedric Jean Belise Samuel Babatunde Adebiyi

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