See I don't need Nann Nigga

Jockin' me, slowing me down

Or stoppin' me

Climbing all on top of me

If he ain't gonna fuck me properly

It's got to be, possibly

A dick that ain't too soft for me

Nigga get your ass up off of me

Besides your dick to small for me

I gots to be fucked right, sucked right

In the butt right like a slut like

In the bright lights, every day all night

Now talk to me, why you fuck me violently?

Calling me names that don't apply to me

Cummin' all inside of me

Don't lie to me, now tell the truth

Is the pussy good for you?

Gripping you, good and tight

But full of juice

Why wouldn't you?

Why shouldn't you?

Scream while I am riding you

Over you making this pussy stroke for you

Like your bitch supposed to do

Close to you and I'm feeling most of you

Deep for me, we can meet

Fuck me till I fall asleep

Nothing less than three nuts for me

Or get your ass up off of me

Ol' tired ass nigga besides you ain't even all that anyway


[Trick Daddy]

Bitch I don't need you

No way, no how, not then, not now

Uh-uh, bitch

Repeat (3x)

[Trick Daddy]

Oh you done blowed

Bitched you done showed out

And I got no beef

If this was my house bitch

You would've been thrown out

And y'all bitches better hold up

Simmer down and get the fours up

Mouth all tored up

All this is swolled up

Y'all bitches better show some love

Or your licking these nuts saying that freaky stuff

And you ain't gotta have the best head

But bitch it better be close enough

See I don't need ya, I don't see ya

And I really won't wanna be ya

If head is nappy and you boppin' me

Young bitch then that's illegal

You always braggin' and beggin'

Talkin' 'bout what the last nigga gave ya

See everybody ain't able

But y'all bitches so ungrateful

You need to ask questions about douching

Cause I hate the smell of stank pussy

And you're under arms a little musky

I was gonna spare ya but you had to push me

Repeat (4x)

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