Don't come back cryin' to me
Tellin' me, your gonna be
That man you've always wanted to be
Well I can see right through those eyes
Your just like them guys
Who cheat on ladies and break their hearts
Well I ain't takin' ya back, we're better apart
So your best bet is to leave
And find some other girl you can decieve
Maybe she ain't like me
But you'll be left and better off is where I'll be

Don't you come around here, don't show your face
I'm through with you, that's the case
You think it's as easy as 1, 2, 3
To just come back and lie to me
Don't you come around here, you better be gone
So get out of my face and get off my lawn
Don't come around here no more
So leave and shut the door

Don't come back and say you've changed
Baby we already played this game
So don't come over askin' for just one more chance
There ain't no way in hell iI'll take you back
If your really sorry, don't show your face
And if your sorry you wouldn't have done it in the first place
My friends say I'll miss you
The way we used to talk and the way I'd kiss you
I'm tryin as hard as I can
To forget about you and find another man
So we played the game and I guess we lost
You cheated on me and had to pay the cost
Your gonna be the one who's cryin'
And I'm gonna be the one who's tryin'
To move on

Don't you come around here, don't show your face
I'm through with you, that's the case
You think it's as easy as 1, 2, 3
To just come back and lie to me
Don't you come around here, you better be gone
So get out of my face and get off my lawn
Don't come around here no more
So leave and shut the door

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