The first star I see may not be a star
We can't do a thing but wait so let's wait
For one more
And the time's such clumsy time
Deciding if it's time
I'm careful but not sure how it goes
You can lose yourself in your courage
When the time we have now ends,
When the big hand goes round again,
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?
And the mindless comfort grows
When I'm alone with my big plans
And this is what she said gets her through it
If I don't let myself be happy now then when?
If not now?
When the time we have now ends,
And when the big hand goes round again,
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?
I close my eyes and believe
That wherever you are, Angel
For when the time we have now ends
And when the big hand goes round again
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?

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    General Commentactually, I think its post break up. the weird thing about jimmy eat world lyics (for me, at least) is that sometimes they make no damn sense to me, but then I'll find myself in a weird situation or mindset, and that's when I'll get it. Sort of a "that must be what he meant.." sort of thing. Anyways, I've come to take this song as being about some you loved leaving you, and about what was said before, durring and after the break up itself, and how you take everything a different way in retrospect. I dunno, just me I guess.
    whycantyoulearnon January 11, 2002   Link
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    General CommentThe best JEW song. What do you think it's about? I believe that he's talking to a girlfriend who's dying of something. Outstanding song.
    SiameseDreamon December 14, 2001   Link
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    General Commentthis is such a great song. i think you really have to listen to this on full blast on headphones to really appreciate it, especially near the end.

    the lines "can you still feel the butterflies? can you still hear the last goodnight?" makes me think of a breakup that's taking place. when he says "when the time we have now ends, when the big hand goes round again" it's like the relationship is ending and they're sharing their last moments together. it's almost as if he can still feel the butterflies and still hear the last goodnight and he's wondering if the girl he's writing the song for can as well.

    i just think it's a great song, practically started crying when i saw them play it live.
    pumpkingirlon March 03, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI have seen literally hundreds of bands live, and I have only cried twice when seeing a live set. Once was during Everybody Hurts by REM and the second was during this song. Not only is this song lyrically moving, but the music and voice that goes with it is able to touch me so much. I am not sure what Jim was writing it about, or what it means to him, but there are certain things that it means to me that could never be explained or understood unless you were me or my wonderful girlfriend. I love you so much, and for me this is heaven.
    forme_thisisheavenon May 10, 2002   Link
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    General Commentam i totally wrong about this? I thought that this song is about being TOTALLY in love... not breaking up! I think that it's about having wonderful feelings for some person. "Can you still feel the butterflies?" I think that it's talking about being away from the person and being like, "I can't wait to be with you again, I feel so amazing when I'm with you. " When she says "If I don't let myself be happy now, then when?" I don't think they are breaking up, I think that she's opening herself up to him. It's almost as if she was so scared to getting into the relationship that she wouldn't let herself be happy with him because she was scared. But she loves him so much she's decided the only thing she can do is let him know how happy she really is. I don't know, that's the way I see it...

    But at the same time, I guess I can see how it could go the other way. "Can you still hear the last good night?" I don't know!
    emo12PUNK12metalon May 18, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti just read the lyrics again, and i agree w/ emo12punk12metal.
    i think with "can you still feel the butterflies?" at first he (they) were kinda nervous when they first started dating or whatever. and they just feel so great when they're around eachother.
    "If I don't let myself by happy now then when?" ~ the girl is just kinda like "what the heck, i need to be happy and hopefully this guy will bring happiness"
    and then with "can you still hear the lst goodnight"~ i think thats its not like a goodbye forever, like breaking up, but its just maybe the last time they saw eachother or went out on a date, and said their goodbyes for the night.
    but i can see a totally different interpretation of this song, more on a depressing/sad side. whatever it's about, i think its the best song on Clarity, after "just watch the fireworks"
    honestyormysteryon May 22, 2002   Link
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    General CommentI know many things have been said, but please let me say one more thing. This is the most romantic song I've heard and I'd like to just once, sing it for my beautiful girlfriend. I love you.
    seaaubadeon June 01, 2002   Link
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    General CommentAm I the only one who saw this song as possibly being about being prudent to the point of ruining/almost ruining things, and then changing their mind before it's too late?

    "Can you still feel the butterflies?
    Can you still hear the last goodnight?"

    Can you remember how it felt before? Could you still feel that way?

    That's what I get from it...
    Onemoresongon September 01, 2011   Link
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    General CommentI think it's just forshadowing their breakup. I think at the beginning, he's thinking about how this relationship won't last. And "The mindless comfort grows when I'm alone with my 'great' plans" means he's thinking of what will happen after this relationship ends, but he knows it won't be good without her. And then the second part of the song is her breaking up with him. "'If I'm not happy now then when?'" means she's no longer happy with him and needs her space or whatever. But he's just thinking about how it all will end when it does. I dunno. I like your meaning, too, SiameseDream.
    JulieMarleneon January 09, 2002   Link
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    General Commentwow. this is an amazing song. i have been in love with it ever since the first time i've heard it...and i've only recently come to find meaning in the lyrics...i agree with whycantyoulearn, i think its post break up. "the first star i see may not be a star" implying that the first girl he finds that he can truly love, may not be the only. he can't do a thing but wait. she can't do a thing but wait....for another. i could go on about every line of the song forever, it's just so beautiful. the line that makes the song for me (actually two) are "Can you still feel the butterflies? Can you still hear the last goodnight?" They make me think about a recent relationship. I guess, if I could...those are the two things that I would like to ask her. thats what i get out of the song....
    pinkysqueakson January 12, 2002   Link

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