some people sing about deutsche girls
and girls from california
they might be alright for a night alright
but don't trust them i warn you
i've been to the east and i've been out west
and i've been the world around
but i ain't seen none come anywhere near
the girls from london town

give me a london girl every time
i've got to find one
i've made up my mind
give me a london girl every time
i want a london girl

marry a girl from london town,
you know you can trust her
she'll darn your socks, and wash and mend
you're trousers if ya bust em, yes
there all good cooks
and they got good looks
and they wont lead you a dance
'said, i gotta find a london girl
if i get a half a chance

oh, give me a london girl every time
i've got to find one
i've made up my mind
give me a london girl every time
i want a london girl

london girls are the best in the world
there ain't no doubt about it
if ya can't find a girl from london town
you're better off a-doin' without it
they don't create when you come home late
and you're crawlin' up the passage floor
and they wont muck about, yes, when you've gone out
with the geezer from the house next door

oh, give me a london girl every time
i've got to find one
i've made up my mind
i said, honey, give me a london girl, babe
every little 'ol time
your legs turn to jelly
and i got a little smelly
but i know it's just what i want
'cause i need a london girl,
oh, every time
they've always got a pound
to buy their round
when its their turn at the bar

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London Girls Lyrics as written by David Victor Peacock Charles Nicholas Hodges

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    this one means so much because my friend sings it for a jam.

    whiteivyon May 25, 2002   Link
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    did she say "deutsch" or "dutch" at the first line? cos it make a hell of a difference! LOL...

    justlingon October 02, 2006   Link
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    I would say 'Deutsch'...

    luplikon May 28, 2007   Link
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    it's "Deutsch(e)". I reckon this song is totally ironic. what do you think??

    Geesus658on July 07, 2008   Link

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