Take My Life
Time has been twisting the knife
I don't recognize
People I care for

Take my dreams
Childish and weak at the seams
Please don't analyze
Please just be there for me

The things that I know
Nobody told me
The seeds that are sown
They still control me
There's a liar in my head
There's a thief upon my bed
And the strangest thing
Is I cannot seem to get my eyes open

Take my hand
Lead me to some peaceful land
That I cannot find
Inside my head

Wake me with love
It's all, all I need
But in all this time
Still no one said

If I had not asked you
Would you have told me
If you call this love
Why don't you hold me

There's a liar in my head
There's a thief upon my bed
And the strangest thing
Is I cannot get my eyes open

Make love to me, send love through me
Make love to me please, please
Make love to me, send love through me
Heal me with your crime
The only one who ever knew me
We've wasted so much time
So much time
Of my life
My life
My life
My life
Take my life
Take my life
Take my life
Take my life
Eyes open

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The Strangest Thing '97 Lyrics as written by George Michael

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The Strangest Thing song meanings
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    this is such an amazing different kinda song ...it has kinda haunting/spooky music and the lyrics are deep..i had been killin myslef tryin to figure out the name of the song it is quit obvious but on my album some song names are missed out cuz it was a fake cd..oh well simply amazing song!
    AYUL1234on May 02, 2002   Link
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    absolutely flawless!!!
    dr_sdevon September 12, 2005   Link
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    It's a really dark song in disguise. The music is light and sweet at the beginning but it sudenly turns to the minor key and feels twisted. As I see it, it's talking about depression –the way people suffering from it tend to hide their feelings and try to appear light and happy (because depression is often seen by outsiders as just plain weakness) but they cannot get away from their inner darkness. 'The liar in my head' might be that same darkness that whispers in their ears that they're not worthy or not enough. There's no escaping from these thoughts, and so they ask for help: 'take me to some peaceful land that I cannot find inside my head'. My own take on 'the thief upon my bed' is that depression depletes the person of the energy to get up in the morning, and they don't find motivation to even open their eyes, and so depression is again the thief that robs their motivation and willpower. On the other hand, this song is part of 'Older', which opens with 'Jesus to a child', which he reportedly dedicates to Anselmo, and so the second part, where he talks about not finding a person that says 'I love you' back to him and 'wakes' him from this state with the aid of love, might be him just missing his lover, taking to him, trying to move on but not being very successful.
    crushonyouon February 25, 2015   Link

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