Furi tsuzuku ame no naka de
Utsuroge ni sora o miageteita
Kagirinaku hirogaru hate ni
Jiyuu o motomeru tori no mure ga nai teita

Ushinatta egao no kazu dake
Kesshite uragiru koto wa dekinai da to
Nandomo sou kokoro de tsubuyaita

Tatoe donna ni kizutsuite mo
Dore dake kizutsuku koto ni natte mo
Dareni mo boku wa tomerarenai

Wazuka na hikari o mitsukereba ii
Ima no taiyou ga agaranakute mo
'Furidashita ame wa itsuka yamun dane'

Aruki tsukareteita kimi wa
Te o naka de kieteyuku yume o daiteita

Kono inochi ga tsukita to shitemo
Wasurenai taisetsu na koto ga aru
Onaji jidai o tomo ni tatakatta koto

Tatoe kono koe ga todonakutemo
Nido to ano koro ni modorenakutemo
Sakebi tsuzukeru boku ga iru

Dore dake toki ga nagaretemo
Karada o yusaburu omoi no mama ni...
Tatakai tsuzuketa akashi wa nokoru kara

Dare mo ga umaretekita imi o
Sagashi tsuzuketeiru

Tatoe donna ni kizutsuitemo
Dore dake kizutsuku koto ni nattemo
Dare ni mo boku wa tomerarenai

Wazuka na hikari o mitsukereba ii
Ima wa taiyou ga agaranakutemo
'Furi dashita ame wa itsuka yamun dane...'
'Sousa, kono ame wa itsuka yamun dane...'

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Dears song meanings
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    Dears is the name for Gackt's Offilcial Fanclub (dears.ne.jp)

    givvron March 21, 2003   Link

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So this has been.my favorite song of OTEP's since it came out in 2004, and I always thought it was a song about a child's narrative of suffering in an abusive Christian home. But now that I am revisiting the lyrics, I am seeing something totally new. This song could be gospel of John but from the perspective of Jesus. Jesus was NOT having a good time up to and during the crucifixion. Everyone in the known world at the time looked to him with fear, admiration or disgust and he was constantly being asked questions. He spoke in "verses, prophesies and curses". He had made an enemy of the state, and believed the world was increasingly wicked and fallen from grace, or that he was in the "mouth of madness". The spine of atlas is the structure that allows the titan to hold the world up. Jesus challenged the state and in doing so became a celebrated resistance figure. It also made him public enemy #1. All of this happened simply because he was doing his thing, not because of any agenda he had or strategy. And then he gets scourged (storm of thorns) There are some plot holes here but I think it's an interesting interpretation.
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Like a lot of the other comments are saying, I think this mainly about voyeurism. If the song was about his girlfriend, then why would he use the word spy. If you are a spy it means you shouldn't be caught, that is kind of the whole point, and if you are a voyeur, the whole point of the pleasure you get from it, is the fact that the other people don't know you are watching them. See a bit of a connection there?
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In regards to the meaning of this song: Before a live performance on the EP Five Stories Falling, Geoff states “It’s about the last time I went to visit my grandmother in Columbus, and I saw that she was dying and it was the last time I was going to see her. It is about realizing how young you are, but how quickly you can go.” That’s the thing about Geoff and his sublime poetry, you think it’s about one thing, but really it’s about something entirely different. But the lyrics are still universal and omnipresent, ubiquitous, even. So relatable. That’s one thing I love about this band. I also love their live performances, raw energy and Geoff’s beautiful, imperfectly perfect vocals. His voice soothes my aching soul.
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Overall about difficult moments of disappointment and vulnerability. Having hope and longing, while remaining optimistic for the future. Encourages the belief that with each new morning there is a chance for things to improve. The chorus offers a glimmer of optimism and a chance at a resolution and redemption in the future. Captures the rollercoaster of emotions of feeling lost while loving someone who is not there for you, feeling let down and abandoned while waiting for a lover. Lost with no direction, "Now I'm up in the air with the rain in my hair, Nowhere to go, I can go anywhere" The bridge shows signs of longing and a plea for companionship. The Lyrics express a desire for authentic connection and the importance of Loving someone just as they are. "Just in passing, I'm not asking. That you be anyone but you”
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I think much like another song “Anti-Matter” (that's also on the same album as this song), this one is also is inspired by a horrifying van crash the band experienced on Nov 3, 2022. This, much like the other track, sounds like it's an extension what they shared while huddled in the wreckage, as they helped frontman Garrett Russell stem the bleeding from his head wound while he was under the temporary effects of a concussion. The track speaks of where the mind goes at the most desperate & desolate of times, when it just about slips away to all but disconnect itself, and the aftermath.