This is the rags to riches story
Of the Insane Clown Posse
Mancow made us rich and famous
Whole world hate us, Mancow played us
Now look at us platinum status
We owe it all to Mancow
I've Violent J and I'm rich like Rush Limbaugh is fat
Imagine that
First Mancow put us on the air
And everybody jumped on our wagons right there
Mancow's been down with the clown
Since Kurt Cobain's head was still around
I won't forget how I made my bread
Cause I remember we was like John Denver hehe...dead
Back then I thought I was the bomb
I couldn't even sell a tape to my own mom
I was broke, dinner was grain and rye
Now I sit with chilled Faygo in a phat ride
And at shows I sold out nightly
On top of that I think Erma likes me
Mickey Mouse we ain't goin no place
So bitch get used to my ugly face c'mon
Shaggs 2 Dope and I'm a high school drop out
Convicted felon, I don't mind tellin
You hear my lyrics and you hate my guts
But I got a million bucks and you don't
I don't even make sense when I rap
Bllll Skkkee Skkkaaa how you like that?
Soon as Mancow hit the switch
Next thing you know we got rich uhh
Mancow made us rich and famous
Whole world hate us, Mancow played us
Now look at us platinum status
We owe it all to Mancow

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Rich And Famous (Mancow Made Us) song meanings
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