Brave hearted girl goes out to take on the world, but
Comes home crying every time
She doesn't sleep at night
She's afraid to close her eyes
I see her walking in the street sometimes

She knows about suffering
And all about sorrow
She's starving for the beautiful things that people seem to believe in

She doesn't want to be
Dead in the water, yet she swims out to sea

How long?
Waited way too long

Don't let them fool you

Brave hearted girl goes out to take on the world, but
Comes home crying every time
We're walking in the rain, she turns to me to say
"I hope tomorrow doesn't feel this way"

She's heard about happiness
She's heard about Jesus
She's starving for the beautiful things that people seem to believe in

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    i can relate to this song in so many different ways. "she doesnt want to be/dead in the water/yet she swims out to sea" i always tell myself that ill be level headed and do whats best for me, but i always end up following my emotions and getting hurt anyway.

    xstarstruckxon March 15, 2003   Link
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    This song is about a girl who thinks she can take on the world by herself and she's independent and she's strong. But she comes home crying every time because she finds out that the world is horrible and empty and lonely and scary. She can't even sleep anymore because she fears what she's seen in the world. she's seen all this suffering and she's felt all the sorrow, and she wants to see the beauty that can't be found in the world. She doesn't want to feel this pain of the world, but she lives in it and she goes out into the world all the same. the girl goes through so much, and she's been fooled by the world that that's all there is. And she hates the world and wishes that things would change. And the song ends, showing what she's been missing all along; the happiness that comes with knowing Jesus, what she's really starving for.

    dyinginnewbrunswickon March 16, 2003   Link
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    i think that the girl is looking and waiting for love but cant find it which is why shes so depressed and sad, and shes suffering because she keeps getting her heart broken every time she goes out and tries to find it..."she doesnt want to be dead in the water, yet she swims out to sea" to me is like saying she doesnt want her heart to get broken but he keeps trying for love anyways. and shes waited way to long for it and i do think it is a beautiful thing people seem to believe in like it says in the lyrics...but thats just my point of view

    heateron July 25, 2006   Link
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    haha i guess the like "shes heard about jesus" does make it about that then huh...oh well i still like to look at it the other way only because i can connect to it easier

    heateron July 26, 2006   Link

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