[Pimpin' Ken]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
It's the motherfuckin' infamous Pimpin' Ken
Yeah, all you motherfuckin' hoes out there misguided, undecided
why'all need to come on and fuck with a pimp right

Yeah, if why'all keep them suckers off ya motherfuckin' mind
Bitch I can keep em' off ya motherfuckin' behind
Check this out bitch, ya understand
why'all need to quit playin' the motherfuckin' joker

And come on and pay a motherfuckin' pimp broker
Yeah ya know what I'm talkin' about
Yeah, let it be Pimpin' Ken for the reason
Ya understand I'll make it for the season

Know what I'm talkin' about, yeah bitch please believe
We can put it on the dotted line, Atlanta tied
Ya know what I'm talkin' about bitch (Yeah)
Yeah bitch ya understand, tell that nigga ya understand

You ain't missin' bitch, you ain't on no milk carton
You with pimpin' bitch, Pimpin' Ken that is
Ho ya know what I'm talkin' about (Yeah)
Damn my nigga take off, J.D. we doin' this shit

Ya understand, better known as the motherfuckin' royal highness
Ya understand, ya won't find us, ya understand
And I'm feelin' hype too (Come on)

[Jermaine Dupri]
It's that lil' College Park nigga, in fact they call me Long Dough
Niggas hate me cause I'm wearin' platinum every song go
Hoes love me cause I, cause I keep it comin' strong and yo
I'm a pimp with mine every time I don't give a fuck who she is

Bitch you can go
Get another cause they love us niggas in the fast life
Niggas that can put it down and came up with they cash right
Keep em' keep em' in the mall fresh, ball every night

That's my life
I come through any time I want to and hit that ass right
Up like a flashlight, walkin' cause of all of my bling (Bling)
One of the baddest motherfuckers that the game has seen

Think about it
From the first time that ya heard me
Way back in the 90s early
Me and my pimpin' out here doin' our thing in SWAT

[Chorus: x 2]
I got the money, hoes, and power
We be in to see that ya cuttin' I'm all about cha'
But if ya not up in the mix girl I ain't trippin'
Cause all day all night, we steady pimpin' pimpin'

[Pimp C]
Still smokin' out, pourin' up, keep these bitches hoin' up
They break Pimp see long bread cause everything I touch be blowin' up
Candy cars, I'm a star
Choppin' blades, sippin' on bars

Young pimp I'm from the South
Run off put that piece in ya mouth
We Jone, fuck a clone
Keep a lil' bitch on my phone

All my cars blaze chrome
Bitch can't leave my dick alone, alone, alone
You ain't from no Memphis bitch
'Cause I was playin' Project Pat hittin' the switch

Puttin' the dick up in ya dame
Every time make her say my name
91 I been grippin' grain
Bitch nigga want to steal my fame, fame, fame

I be at home smokin' dro, dro
And see a nigga doin' a dance on the video
But I'm young pimp, steak and shrimp
Flyin' high like a blimp

Write my name in the sky on track
Tell the bitch to bring my money back, back, back, back bitch

[Jermaine Dupri]
He talkin' directly to you

[Chorus: x 2]

[Bun B]
Well if it ain't cash then I don't want it
I'm a million dollar striver, I get liver
Then the pimps that push clock punchers nine to fivers
A high diver, with mo' tricks up my sleeve than ya boy MacGuyver

A cadaver, that'll get cha' voted off my island like "Survivor"
Is you blind, my pimpin' only gets better with age like a fine wine
And it's time to put up yo blinds
I might raise a pimp to shine

Decide to yo mind, desing
Two steps ahead of yo slow roll
You best to get a grip on ya world, world
Or we'll put that Miracle Whip on ya girl

Pimp her, let a trick sip on that pearl
Let her pay that is
Ol' sucker for love, titty baby, mama's boy
That's just the way that is

And that's the way that it's gonna be, gonna be
So ya might as well take ya lil' Heartbreak Hotel reside
Stuck in the mud, still ridin' ass off to mo' me
Cause uh...

[Chorus: x 2]

[Jermaine Dupri to fade]
Bounce, come on bounce, come on bounce
Come on... bounce
Come on bounce, come on bounce, come on bounce
Come on, yeah come on bounce

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