Waves roll out
Out to sea
Tasting the saltwater
Tears upon her cheek

Morning breaks
She's not there
Who could ever find her?
Who would even care?

No one heard
No one came
No angel of mercy
Appears to know her name

Where is hope
When words fail
All the colours running
Inside when life turns pale

In the dock the boats are harboured
Where the water's cold and still
Oh life, she cries, I've lost the will

From the bridge she sees a lifetime
Being washed upon the shore
Oh life, she cries
There must be more...

Tides roll in
Waters rise
Any chance of reason
Only clouds her eyes

Arms of grace
She won't feel
All the wounds inside her
That time can never heal

The city lights shine seaward
Swirling in a trance
Her eyes upon the water
Alone in her last dance

From the docks the boats are leaving
As she cries into the dawn
"Oh life, I'm barely holding on"

And she sees her future falling
Til it finds the ocean floor
Oh life, she cries
There must be more

There must be more

And with the early light
She'll sail into the clear
The winds are all behind her
The hour's almost here

From the bridge she hears the voices
Turn into a roar
Oh life she cries
There must be more

On the dock her soul is sinking
But her spirit longs to soar
Oh life, she cries
There must be more

There must be more
There must be more
Oh life I'm barely holding on

There must be more
There must be more
Oh life there must be something more

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    General Comment
    This should come with a warning. Do not listen to this if you're feeling a bit down and vulnerable. It is guaranteed to tip you over the edge. However, the delivery is so powerful and emotive that it is difficult to resist. Shame they did not play it live at the last concert in London. Particularly pertinent in my area where 7 people have committed suicide in the past 7 weeks. As always it made no sense to those left behind but when does it? We will never understand our own actions and motives so why try and understand others? We all make our choice and live or die with them. All we can ask for is the freedom to make those choices.
    bremneron April 13, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    This song is more or less totally pessimistic about life, with the bit of hope that shines through with "there must be more". I think the last three verses is about a girl who commits suicide by drowning herself or jumping from a bridge: On the dock her soul is sinking But her spirit longs to soar Oh life, she cries There must be more A really creepy song to listen to if you are feeling a bit down, like bremner said. On my list of songs not to listen when down, this ranks a split first, together with Goodbye Cruel World (Pink Floyd) and Take the Long Way Home (Supertramp).
    jorgison December 10, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    While I certainly agree completely with the above comments, I often have felt that perhaps this song was in a way, a sort of plea to everyone to be more aware of those they love. Sometimes those in distress are giving off signs hoping someone they love will notice. No one heard No one came No angel of mercy Appears to know her name Did she truly have no friends or relatives? Unlikely. More likely she was sending subtle signs of her dispair and no one noticed. I may be way off, but it does give the song a bit of a positive reason to exist.
    GiosStringon April 28, 2011   Link
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    General Comment
    WOW you people have a lot of sadness in your lives. The song is actually about a ship. Old and worn from years of servitude to humanity. Stripped of everything that is worth anything, even her bell. Towed out to deep water and scuttled. In her final hour, She quietly calls out to the heart of a man who now stands upon the deck of another ship. A man who has served her every need for most of his life. A man who caries the memory of nearly every other man who was ever broken upon her deck or built up and made strong. And the powerful memories of men who died or were lost to the sea in servitude to her. A man who has come to love her every timber, bow to stern, port to starboard. And in their final hour together, he is powerless to do anything else but watch her slip beneath the waves to her final resting place, her soul heavy on his heart. Bow his head. And sail away.
    JohnathanGregoryStoneon March 08, 2017   Link
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    General Comment
    I love all the General Comments, which point to the ability of the song writers to create lyrics that make you wonder--one of the reasons I still listen to the APProject. I stopped watching the music videos because they solidify a meaning in my head and I enjoy using my imagination.
    divadcarrollon January 27, 2022   Link

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