To the elder ruins again
The wind whispers beside the deep forest
Darkness will show us the way
"Heic noenum pax"
Here is no peace
The sky has darkened thirteen as
We are collected woeful around a book
Made of human flesh
"De grandaevus antiquus mulum tristis
Arcanas mysteria scriptum"
The books bloodwritten pages open
"Invoco crentus domini de daemonium"
We follow with our white eyes The ceremonial proceeding
"Heic noenum pax" Bring us the goat
"Rex sacriticulus mortifer"
In the circle of stone coffins
We are standing with our black robes on
Holding the bowl with unholy water
"Psychomantum et precr exito annos major"
"Ferus netandus sacerdos magus. Mortem animalium"

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De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Lyrics as written by Jan Axel Von Blomberg


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De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas song meanings
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    General CommentIts about a pagan animal sacrifice.
    Nevermortalon April 24, 2003   Link
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    General CommentI read an interview with Dead and Euronymous in which they said that De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas was the name of an occult book, supposedly with only one copy in existence.

    They said that the title means (in Latin) "the Mysterious Rites of Lord Satan", though this translation seems to be incorrect. The word "Dom" does not exist in Latin, though it may be an abbreviation of "Dominus". In which case it would translate (roughly) as "The Mysteries of Lord Satan".
    Kodos86on April 12, 2004   Link
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    My Opinionsomebody know where can i find out this song w/dead on vocals
    kronosofwhores666on July 28, 2009   Link
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    General CommentThis song can be interpreted a number of ways, and this is not an attempt to finalize a meaning.

    If taken literally, the lyrics are about thirteen men, dressed in black hooded robes, who sacrifice themselves to the 'Prince of Darkness', ending their lives while performing a ritual alongside it, chanting phrases from an ancient book bound in human flesh.

    If taken metaphorically, here is what the lyrics could mean this :

    To the elder ruins again
    The wind whispers beside the deep forest
    Darkness will show us the way"

    This suggests that the ritual has happened before ("Welcome......again"), that the "elder ruins" are what is left of a Pagan mind which has been destroyed by never-ending suffering in a time ruined by Christianity, thus causing a rebellion, and the wind could be a symbol for this person's ancestors who performed the same ritual, centuries ago,in the Middle Ages, instead of being killed by the Christians for Witchcraft or Heresy, telling this person that there is no going back, this is it. This is their destiny. The "deep forest" could be a symbol for secrecy, implying that nobody knows of this place, and only those who have performed this ritual before can find it. This is perhaps confirmed by :
    "Darkness will show us the way"
    This suggests that, because of the inversion of the idea that light will guide you, becoming more and more depressed and morbid will guarantee that this person will find the ritual area out of desperation. In other words, this person has to fully prepare before committing suicide.

    "The sky has darkened
    Thirteen as we are
    Collected woefully round a book
    Made of human flesh"

    The darkening of the sky is symbolic of this person's mindset. Totally gloomy. The thirteen people perhaps represent the ancestors of this person who had to endure a lifetime being tormented by Christians, and some of which had to either kill themselves or be brutally slaughtered by the Christians. The book, bound in human flesh, could be a symbol of this person's body, and mind /'spirit'. If that were the case, then the 'spirits' of this person's ancestors are standing around them, waiting for the "ceremony".

    "Hex noenum pax"
    This is archaic Latin, stating :
    "Here is no peace"

    "Here is no peace"
    This has been translated in the person's brain from the language of the "spirit".

    "De grandaevus antiquus mulum tristis
    Arcanas mysteria scriptum"

    This is an inaccurate Latin phrase, meaning roughly :
    "The ancient, sorrowful, secret,arcane mysteries are written (inside)"
    This suggests that the person's 'spirit' holds these desires, traits.

    "The books bloodwritten pages open"
    This suggests that, as the person is getting closer and closer to death, the mind 'spirit' becomes more free each time.

    "Invoco cruentus domini, de daemonium"
    This, if interpreted metaphorically, is the person's 'spirit' addressing the brain, the living being, the master of the "demons".

    "We follow with our white eyes
    To the ceremonial proceeding"

    This suggests that the person is no longer in control of their body, the "spirit" has taken over, and it is (they are ) ready to die.

    "Hex noenum pax"
    The statement reappears, and it is not being translated afterwards, so the 'spirit' is not getting enclosed in a 'body', ever again.

    "Bring us the goat"
    The goat here, is a symbol for something for the evermore free 'spirit' to feast on.

    "Rex sacriticulus mortifer"
    This is Latin (misplaced letter, it should be 'sacrificulus'), and here, the 'spirit' is addressing the (still living) being as the 'the Sacrifical King of Death'.

    "In the circle of stone coffins
    we are standing with our black robes on
    Holding the bowl with unholy water"

    The "stone coffins" represent the dead ancestors (tombs of the thirteen), surrounding the person. The person is now dying (looking/dressing like the ancestors, in black robes) and holding the "bowl with unholy water", which is either the blood of this person or a symbol of finality on Earth.

    "Psychomantum et precr exito annos major"
    Again, this is Latin (English : "At the Psychomanteum, I beg of you to release me into eternity". In other words, the person's 'spirit' is unable to be confined any more, and is demanding to be released (that the person just kills himself already), and the "Psychomanteum" (a dark room with a mirror where the ancients used to talk to the dead) (as in, the positioning of the mirror caused an optical illusion to occur, allowing whoever looked into it for long enough to enter dreamlike state and perhaps see the dead then), is a symbol of the person, with no life in them anymore, so they are already seeing the 'deadworld'.

    "Ferus netandus sacerdos magus"
    The word "netandus" should be "nefandus". This is the 'spirit', addressing the living being one last time, now calling them a "Wild, wicked sorcerer (of death).

    "Mortem animalium"
    This is repeated a few times until the end of the song. The 'spirit' is now free, as the person dies.

    This interpretation certainly sums up the feelings of per Ohlin (Dead). It makes his story, and the 'De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas' album a lot more haunting, and serves as an imaginative death note.
    Meaningfinderon April 13, 2017   Link
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    General CommentThat's strange. "De" or "dom" can mean "they" or "them". Y in mysteriis is a letter which is used in scandinavian languages. So it could be norwegian as well.
    (I can speak swedish but not norwegian)
    heavy_metalon May 25, 2007   Link
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    General Commentwhat does Mortem Animalium mean? my latin isnt what it used to be.. i can figure mortem out but what the fuck is animalium?.. Animal? why the fuck would they sing dead animal.... maybe the sacrificed the goat, hell i dont know great track in any case but if someone knows what mortem animalium means i sure like to know it
    JimJimJimNLon September 28, 2007   Link

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