People come people go, how long I?ll stay I just don't know
When showbiz is a dirty word, I hope my time will come
Crackpot history and the right to lie

People love people hate, for my downfall they just can't wait
When showbiz is a dirty word, I hope my time will come
Crackpot history and the right to lie

I wish that everyone could see a show by Liza Minnelli
Such a marvelous lady with talent by the ton
Crackpot history and the right to lie

People lie people hurt, like to read their Sunday dirt
So every Jekyll needs a Hyde to blame the business on
Crackpot history and the right to lie

Every rebel that I've met say they're going to die and yet
I see them now and they ain't dead yet, and pushing forty one
Crackpot history and the right to lie

Pumping is a splendid gift, I hope that you will catch my drift
Some like pumping in the lift, just like the Scottish tongs
Crackpot history and the right to lie

There is nothing like the sound of a nicely laundered pound
Trying to collect around forty million
Crackpot history and the right to lie
Crackpot history

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Crackpot History and the Right to Lie Lyrics as written by MARCO PIRRONI, ADAM ANT

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Crackpot History and the Right to Lie song meanings
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Classic love story true to his western tx roots. One of my favorites as a story, but I think there are alot of songs that are amazing not even listed on this site. I guess I should figure out how to add them, because I have about 8 REK cd's.
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This song is def a twin to "Unfair" (a song she has been quoted as saying is about falling in love with someone who is already in a relationship) so it is presumably about the same person. Given the references to buying an apartment and not being able to see her love interest "after tonight," it's most likely that she's moving away and she'll "wait a day to break the bad news" (i.e. notifying him that she's leaving once she's already gone). And, of course, the fact that she sees in him a fellow "idealist" and "dreamer" (terms commonly given to people with the INFP personality on the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)) portends that she'll always be left wondering if they would've been perfect together.
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In regards to the meaning of this song: Before a live performance on the EP Five Stories Falling, Geoff states “It’s about the last time I went to visit my grandmother in Columbus, and I saw that she was dying and it was the last time I was going to see her. It is about realizing how young you are, but how quickly you can go.” That’s the thing about Geoff and his sublime poetry, you think it’s about one thing, but really it’s about something entirely different. But the lyrics are still universal and omnipresent, ubiquitous, even. So relatable. That’s one thing I love about this band. I also love their live performances, raw energy and Geoff’s beautiful, imperfectly perfect vocals. His voice soothes my aching soul.
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