(this is my first time addin a song so if its not that good then just live with it.)

im the king

chorous x2
im gonna rhyme till i cant rhyme no more
burn till i cant burn no more
shine until theres no shine no more
till the earth cant turn no more
till im 5'9 no more
im the king

verse one
yall niggas is really cocky on the street
till i drop you on your (knees?)
knock you on your feet
im like Rocky on the reach
i reign
while you hope this is stain
dope is this game
somethin you cant stop
you can only hope to contain
i can aim
so i blaze my tool
i got a name for usin pocket change to pay my dues
shit no
im as sharp as a shank
and about as soft as you think
im hangin from the (carpet you link)
you get off in the drink
yall niggas is fast learners
your only as hot as the back burners
for mad rappers and (clat burners?)
talk to the foot
while you thinkin you real
im starin at the face of your bill
gettin how george washington looks
you came to box
flat out dirty
just name the spot and ill be there half hour early
im right for the purpose
to express if you niggas whack
(something i can understand)


verse two
im a shade to give you a quick whoopin
hard ass holdin a war
frownin up
thinkin you sick cuz u sick lookin
im heated
im gonna go to trial blowin my triggers
yall niggas think rough
you need to smile more in your pictures
split somebody
abserd you bit?
like 10 you bit somebody
im on top of the world
all thats on thats on top of you is beneath me
we learnin from your mistakes
is the only way you can teach me
more thunder
cock in big heat
so underground if niggas would beef
you get more under 6 feet
man your missiles
i plan to diss you
unleash with about 30 punches before the first lands and hits you
niggas without yall, cuz im an outlaw
right hand that bend with the left that can armwrestle
a south paw
gun shine bright
yall niggaz
you need to rhyme right
5'9 unsigned with hight

chourus out

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    General Comment

    I think its flag burners...did you get this off of GTA3 or somethin'. You really should know the shit before you post it, not to be a dick...just some advice.

    dpf62984on August 02, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    This song jacked the beat from Stanley Kubrick by R.A. the Rugged Man. I'm just saying.

    pearcedon February 09, 2011   Link

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