Rocky told me get em and I got em where the problem at?
When you bout that action you ain't gotta act
The industry been shady man I caught em watch em holler back
They ain't got the heart to see the art of rap
Rappers out here lookin for a comma with no bars to match
I'm just out here tryna set the bar for that
Y'all been weak young rashaad is bringing slaughter back
Tryna beef dream exhibit offer heart attacks
Boomers see me winning they like no fair
Folks with no hair tryna go there
Kids flow so rare outta nowhere
Watch the knuckles grow bare gotta whole pair
Stay discrediting my come up
Whole new life like a one up
Old school rhymes with bold new type I stun em
With the war cry gave me poor ties I cut em
It's a long road ahead walking step by step building up the patience
Darkness clouding my judgement for every breath that I'm taking
Making moves tryna lay off all the stress and complaining
I'm not perfect I'm just trying make it
Yeah I'm learning on my pace as I'm moving
Balling out building up my game while I'm shooting
Proud as fuck my ego on display I wear it like a chain
Why y'all always talking shit like I'm the one to blame?
If y'all don't like me that shit ain't my problem
I got my fans I got ma niggas and my family on one
Too preoccupied to worry about the negatives
Y'all love to see me depressing and stressing shit
But Y'all at war with your demons
Boosting my brilliance
I always been a rebel
Moving different just in case y'all didn't get the memo
Expect those
Shakey moments
My hearts been tampered with for so long it's changing colors
Don't know who to trust no more I'm letting loose like gohan
Prophetic rhyme
Y'all just quote it
I'm sublime
Im devoted
Y'all waste time
Chasing my
Crazy life
How I wrote it
Y'all know a single thing about me
Negativity you bring around me
If I said my wisdom they'd be doubting
Every time I lift up they be clouding
What the son is tryna preach
Little manic with the reach, yeah
Still titanic to a beast, yeah
Still vibe standing on my feet
Never kill time till my damagers decease yeah
Rashaad and I stay in the zone
We been reaching heights breaking limits now we grown
For show who gon stop us?
Still got that ResoRocky flow y'all can doubt us
But Deep down it ain't about us
Take a minute reevaluate yourself
Reflect what went down get a notebook
Write it down
You don't gotta like us, respect us or shout us out
But y'all need to humble up and worry bout y'all selves

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War Cry (feat. Rashaad Justice) Lyrics as written by Rashaad Wilson Elvin Rodriguez

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