So let me out of it
Out of the cold
To bring back light and hope for all
And so if I could get you in
Just for a little while
Into the songs of sorrow
You might understand
Where am I now
Beyond the dawn
(Where) hope's turned to dust
At all
Immortal love's
Fooled by the hands of doom
That love means death
I realized too soon
Caught in the afterlife
I've gone too far
When sorrow sang softly and sweet
The air was filled with tears
Full of sadness and grief
When sorrow sang softly and sweet
I feel like screaming
But I can't breath in
Shall I wane right now
I will not leave this
World of living
Till she has said
Out in the cold
I still wait for her call
And her last kiss
It shall be release
I can't forget her
Her face will not leave
From the depths of my soul
I long for her
So I heard all about it
Her voice's so clear
She's woven both themes in there
Moved me to tears
The world shall hear this sad song
Song of sorrow song of grief
Can't change the way of his kind
Can't change the way of her kind

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    One idea is that this song is about Beren being held in the dungeons of Tol-in-Gaurhoth after trying to bring a lost Silmaril from the Crown of Morgoth. He was later rescued by Lùthien, who is the woman he want's to see again before the end. His whole quest for the Silmaril was a quest for love, as Luthiens father tried to keep Beren from wedding her by appointing such an extraordinary task to a mortal man, hence the "That love means death I realized to soon". The Story of the song may also be set in the Halls of Mandos, where Beren refuses to die at last before she accompanies him, which she does, eventually, a little bit later.
    necroon May 10, 2004   Link
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    these lyrics are just very powerful. especially if you're a nerd like me and get emotional over the story of the Elves. maybe MattStriker will appear and give us a great explnanation of this song. i've only got a few catches of the Elvish migration to the Undying Lands, but nothing more. sorry, i need to start re-reading some of my M-e stuff!
    Darth_Squirrelon April 29, 2004   Link
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    hmm.....Necro has the idea methinks I would like to add the 'Can't change the way of his/her kind' probably represents how Beren cannot dwell in the halls of Mandos as a Man, and neither can Luthien travel beyond the heavens where the souls of men wander, as an elf. And therefore it takes Luthien becoming Mortal and living a 2nd life with Beren for them to spend eternity together.
    Trinidadianon September 29, 2004   Link
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    I agree with Trinidadian. The song is set on the western edge of Arda. Beren's spirit is about to leave the world to where men go when they die. But he is waiting for the judgement of Mandos who is listening to Luthien's song of sorrow.
    Hand of Maedhroson October 13, 2005   Link
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    General Comment
    Awesome!! From where Lúthien sings to Mandos as Beren dwells in his halls! First verse is from Lúthien's point of view, second verse is from Beren's, and third from Mandos'! A beautiful chorus!
    .ChildOfTheNight.on February 06, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    One of the best songs ! No doubt.
    XaRlieon February 10, 2006   Link
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    General Comment
    No doubt that this is about the tragedic life of Beren and Luthien. And it must be correct that the first verse is from Luthien's point of view, and the second is from Beren's, but there is no verse about Mandos' point of view. Or maybe you can explain what you meant with "the third verse".
    heavy_metalon November 04, 2006   Link
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    Of course!;) 'So I heard all about it Her voice's so clear She's woven both themes in there Moved me to tears The world shall hear this sad song Song of sorrow song of grief Can't change the way of his kind Can't change the way of her kind' Mandos was moved to tears by her song! It's all in the book!;) Hansi knows what he's doing:D A living legend!
    .ChildOfTheNight.on December 28, 2006   Link
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    hey hey guys! how can't you get it! IT IS ABOUT BEREN AND LUTHIEN, when beren is kept held in halls of Mandos, and luthien came for him and sang for Mandos to realese his soul! it is told that when she sang it was very sad sog full of sorrow! Come on, it is so easy!
    nefredilon September 17, 2009   Link
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    General Comment
    "I feel like screaming/But I can't breath in/Shall I wane right now/I will not leave this/World of living/Till she has said/Goodbye/Out in the cold/I still wait for her call/And her last kiss/It shall be release/I can't forget her/Her face will not leave/From the depths of my soul/I long for her" Some of the most emotionally filled lyrics AND vocals ever heard and it's based off of a fantasy book! This is a wonderfully beautiful song. I love the passion they play with and the fantasy elements of Tolkien in song are wonderful!
    kaorutheimpaleron May 23, 2010   Link

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