It's an eating machine,
you better get out of the way
Eating machine
'cause it could eat you too, someday
Say your prayers

Give us this day
our daily roast beast
Add in some yams
and some pickled goats' feet
Stockpile news
interest accrues
You snooze, you lose
Passing's passe
Live for today,
Come what may

It's an eating machine,
you better get out of the way
Eating machine,
and it could eat you too, someday
It's what's for dinner.

Peanuts and popcorn and pepsi and bagels and buffalo wings in a red plastic
and cornflakes and poptarts and gummi lifesavers and purple jawbreakers and
tummy-ache makers
Kentucky Fried Chicken and Arby's and Hardee's
A Happy Meal Deal in a Sadsacky package
And WalMart and Target
they won't leave you wanting
You've got one-stop shopping
your shopping bag's popping

Come and get it if you want it

You can have it all and you can have it now
no wait at all
you better hurry up
things might get different any day

Smart bombs and landmines and Patriot missiles
and Westinghouse weapons in Boeing jet airplanes
Depleted uranium clusters of cluster bombs
stealthy Stealth bombers, the mighty Apache
Collateral damage and rashes and maimings
and spinal cord injuries and burned up babies
and air raids and shelters and refugee refuges in desert wastelands no food
and no future

You might get it if we want it

Yeah, we want it all and we can take it, now
if you don't play ball
you better watch yourself things might get different any day

Eating machine
You're what's for dinner

Lyrics submitted by stephr, edited by Mellow_Harsher

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