Tank is full, switch is on
Night is warm, cops are gone
Rocket bike is all her own
It's called a hurricane

She told me once it's quite a ride
It's shaped so there's this place inside
Where if you're moving you can hide
Safe within the rain

She wants to run away
But there's nowhere that she can go
Nowhere the pain won't come again
But she can hide
Hide in the pouring rain
She rides the eye of the hurricane

Tell the truth, explain to me
How you got this need for speed
She laughed and said "it might just be
The next best thing to love."

Hope is gone and she confessed
When you lay your dream to rest
You can get what's second best
But it's hard to get enough

She wants to run away
But there's nowhere that she can go
Nowhere the pain won't come again
But she can hide
Hide in the pouring rain
She rides the eye of the hurricane

We saw her ride so fast last night
Racing by a flash of light
Riding quick, the street was dark
A shining truck she thought was parked
It blocked her path, stopped her heart
But not the hurricane

She saw her chance to slip the trap
There was just the room to pass in back
But then it moved, closed the gap
She never felt the pain

She wants to run away
But there's nowhere that she can go
Nowhere the pain won't come again
But she can hide
Hide in the pouring rain
She rides the eye of the hurricane
She rides the eye of a hurricane

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Eye of the Hurricane Lyrics as written by David Patrick Wilcox

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    General Commentthis song is definatly in my top ten of all time favorite songs. the lyrics are amazing, this song almost makes me cry every time i hear it.
    He says its about drug addiction, which is sad in and of itself. The girl is jsut going too fast for him, and eventually he gets addicted, starts going too fast, and the sadness in finding that person that you can never have nt becasue they won't have you but because they'll destroy you. and having to know what you have to do.
    stellaluna1125on July 23, 2002   Link
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    General Commenti love this song, it always brings back memories for me. Its such a great stop-and-think song, the lyrics are so moving.
    HaushinkaWasTakenon August 12, 2002   Link
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    General Commentthis song is really something...I can relate to in from several different periods of my life (I was born 9/5/1985). When I was 17 I was really caught up in the whole "Fast & the Furious" Induced Street Racing world...I was driving a 1995 Honda Del Sol vtec, & on August 19, 2003 within five minutes after 10PM, I crashed while in a street race...I accelerating hard over 90 mph, my opponent in a Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX was pushing about 60 mph & I passed him FAST. Lost control...& had no idea what happened until some time after I came out of the over two month long Coma & I sustained so much brain injury that teams of doctors at Mass General Hospital said that I wouldn't come out of the coma...Just over 3-Years later, I Drive a '74 Chevelle SS, I been kicked out of 2 colleges because of behavior, an in court at least once every 2 & 1/2 months for a new charge of some kind, & I haven't felt what it's like to be over 18 & NOT on Probation yet....Life aint fair...but oh what a ride, huh?
    thedeem0Non December 26, 2006   Link
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    General CommentMy dad listened to this song a lot when I was a little girl. I remember this one night in the kitchen just listening to it...It was back when my parents were still together and we lived as one big family in my old neighborhood and I was about 6 or 7 and nothing mattered.
    I'm not quite sure what this song is really about but to me every time I hear it I want to cry and it reminds me of how we surround ourselves with something fierce so we can hide in it.
    bigduckyon September 23, 2007   Link
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    My InterpretationWilcox has said in concert, "This song is about addiction, and about how something which feels so good can do you damage." He has also said it is about how addiction can block you from joy. "You can get what's second best, but it's hard to get enough." That's artistic understatement -- actually it's impossible to get enough. You cannot fill the hole inside you by using any sensation, however pleasurable.
    theKidWhoon December 31, 2008   Link
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    General CommentSorry, I am not in the loop, but I have been looking for this song for ages. And while the author may have intended it to be about addiction, I read it in terms of love, which actually may also be addiction.

    "Hope is gone, she confessed
    that when you lay your dream to rest
    you can get what's second best
    but it's hard to get enough."

    The only thing I've wanted out of life is to love and be loved (yes, by the same person), but I just turned 41 and I haven't had a boyfriend for 15 years. I get crazier with every failed pseudo-relationship and everywhere I look I am reminded that I am now an obsolete model.

    There is no second best for love, no Silver Medal. It's all or nothing, and I've got nothing left to lose. So for me this song is about a chick finally coming to terms with (for whatever reason) her ineligibility to be loved. And deciding on a suicidal-daredevil path. Like someone in Vegas with one last chip playing damn roulette.

    Still, just me.
    Superx3000on February 17, 2011   Link
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    General Commentin a recent concert I asked David what the song was about Yes part of it is about addiction but the other part is about a tragic event in his life he was riding his motor cycle with a couple buddies who were also on motorcycles one of the friends accidentally rode his bike off the road this friend was not hut once they got the bike back to the road one of the friends rode his bike down the hill and came back one of his friends crashed his bike into a truck tragically the close friend was killed instantly upon impact when the bike was crashed
    crazy88son March 24, 2012   Link

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