Hey j-j-jaded, you got your mama's style
But you're yesterday's child to me
So jaded
You think that's where it's at
But is that where it's supposed to be
You're gettin' it all over me, ex-rated

My my baby blue
Yeah I been thinkin' about you
My my baby blue
Yeah you're so jaded
And I'm the one that jaded you

Hey j-j-jaded
In all it's misery
It will always be what I love and hated
And maybe take a ride to the other side
We're thinkin' of
We'll slip into the velvet glove
And be jaded

My my baby blue
Yeah I'm thinkin' about you
My my baby blue
Yeah I'm so jaded
And baby I'm afraid of you

Your thinking's so complicated
I've had it all up to here
But it's so overrated
Love and hated
Wouldn't trade it
Love me jaded

Hey j-j-jaded
There ain't no baby please
When I'm shootin' the breeze with her
When everything you see is a blur
And ecstasy's what you prefer

My my baby blue
Yeah I'm talkin' about you
My my baby blue
Yeah I've been thinkin' about you
My my baby blue
Yeah you're so jaded
Baby, jaded, baby
You're so jaded
'Cause I'm the one that jaded you

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Jaded Lyrics as written by Steven Tyler Marti Frederiksen

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    I really don't know what this song means honestly, it's just a great song.

    oNeMore_LASTchanceon January 16, 2006   Link
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    Note: When someone is described as being "jaded" it is almost always referring to them being cynical about something that they have previously experienced. Sure, they might be "tired or worn out" from it too, but that isn't the emphasis of the word. So, for example, if someone is "jaded" about "the Hollywood lifestyle" it generally would mean they feel negativity towards it and are no longer interested in it and don't have the same false illusions about it as they once did.

    OK, so I've been laughing at some of the crazy interpretations of this song. They're quite funny actually. ...And nearly all of them are wrong.

    This song is 100% about an older man (Steven) being tormented and conflicted about having taboo sex with a minor. Specifically, the daughter of a female acquaintance. I thought the lyrics were pretty clear the first time I heard them (before the video ever came out) as well as after the 100th listening.

    It's definitely NOT about one of Steven's own daughters. Also, the video has nothing to do with the actual lyrics, other than presenting a beautiful and very young girl (Mila Kunis) as it's principle subject.

    "Hey j-j-jaded, you got your mama's style but you're yesterday's child to me"

    • She's young but grew up fast and is probably someone he sees very often. And it was just "yesterday" that she was still just a baby or a kid to him but now she has matured into a lovely young girl.

    "You think that's where it's at but is that where it's supposed to be? You're gettin' it all over me. X-rated."

    • She is flirting or coming onto him, and he is acknowledging that it's bad, or taboo, and warning her that she is headed down a wrong and dangerous path.

    "In all it's misery it will always be what I love and hated. And maybe take a ride to the other side we're thinkin' of. We'll slip into the velvet glove...and be jaded."

    • The "velvet glove" used here is definitely a euphemism for a vagina (...hers). It's got nothing to do with "an iron fist in a velvet glove". Slipping into her velvet (young soft) "glove" would mean both of them would forever be "jaded" by that act of weakness, and would have to live with that "taboo" for the rest of their lives. He is also acknowledging his own weakness for her underage allure. It's no doubt something he is well familiar with, after decades of touring and having his way with underage girls brought backstage after gigs. Hence his "love/hate" relationship with doing such things to young girls with "all it's misery". But this girl is different because she is the daughter of someone he knows, making him far more conflicted about it.

    "My my baby blue, Yeah I'm thinkin' about you my my baby blue. Yeah I'm so jaded and baby I'm afraid of you." He is aware of the consequences that having sex with her (baby blue) would bring and he is afraid of her because he may be too weak to stop himself from engaging in sex with her.

    "There ain't no 'baby please' when I'm shootin' the breeze with her. When everything you see is a blur and ecstasy's what you prefer."

    • She is probably flirting with him as a game, mostly for fun, not realizing how much he thinks of her and how deeply he is lusting for her. Yet he is trying desperately to hold himself in check. Normally, under similar conditions one might say "baby...pleeeaase" as a come back for someone playfully joking around about getting frisky. But he is saying that with her, there is no "baby please" -- he is seriously jonesing for her and It's all just a blur for him - all he can think of is the ecstasy he would have with her.

    "My my baby blue. Yeah I'm talkin' about you. Yeah I've been thinkin' about you. You're so jaded 'cause I'm the one that jaded you."

    • His repeating that he was the one that "jaded her" is most definitely a reference to a loss of her innocence or perhaps of her virginity. He seems to be indicating that he finally gave in to his desires with her, either afterward or at an earlier time. In other words, this may not be his first time with her. It may be something that is happening again. But "jaded" in this context is certainly means a lifting of the veil of whatever innocence or fairy tale notions she may have previously had about him, about rock stars, or about men in general. Now they are both jaded.

    So... does anyone still think it's a lovely song about his daughter? Lol. Definitely not!

    MusicOracleon January 05, 2015   Link
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    I think it could be about one of Steven Tyler (or another member of the band's) daughters hence: My my baby blue Yeah you're so jaded And I'm the one that jaded you


    you got your mama's style

    RedHotChiliPepperon November 09, 2004   Link
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    jaded: a) no longer interested in something, often because of having been overexposed to it b) exhausted, especially though overwork

    this is an incredible song..

    RHCPisLiFeon December 10, 2004   Link
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    It's awesome and since my name is the Jade that's what makes it the best. Aerosmith rocks pretty hard.

    Jadyedon March 22, 2005   Link
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    Jaded means exhausted, not lose of virginity

    phillyt23on April 15, 2005   Link
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    I love this song... one of my favorite Aerosmith songs. Love when he sings "And i'm the one that jaded you..."

    strbrstcylon February 01, 2006   Link
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    I belive in this song steven tyler sings of how because of doing drugs has kept him from giving his daughter the love and life she deserves and this song is telling her that . He also sings of how has he not only jaded his daughter but hes also jaded himself by not being there for her.

    darkaeroson February 03, 2006   Link
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    I htought the song was about Steven's daughter Liv. She didn't know Steven was her father until she saw Aerosmith woth her mother, model Bebe Buell, at the age of nine... The lyrics make most since to me in that perspective, but Liv and Steven both claim they have a good relationship and Liv never really felt "abondoned" or so forth because her mother's boyfriend at the time of her birth was her father figure, even after she met Steven... Anyway, enough analyzing. I love this song, it has beautiful imagery and the video compliments that. I love Aerosmith :)

    Safiraon November 27, 2007   Link
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    In this song, Steve Tyler seems to be talking about the music & entertainment industry which has the power to "jade" and cause cynicism within people over time. He's definitely not immune to it, and accepts that, but deplores the fact that his jaded outlook on the world has been subconsciously passed onto the others around him - namely his daughter. In a way, any parent could be singing this to their child. When you're younger, you have an optimism for the world that is quickly scrutinized by those who are elder, more maturer, and who have seen the "cruelties of the world" so to speak. Indirectly, especially as a parent, you can drastically alter a child's outlook on the world. While protecting your children from reality is wrong, so is exploring your own life with so much bitterness and distrust so that your kids learn nothing about things in life that really matter.

    seamoraineon December 11, 2008   Link

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