Now that I, now that I’ve got
What I said, what I said I want
What on earth do I want now?

My wish came true
Here I am with you
What comes net, I haven’t a clue

Sweet insecurity
Has got the best of me

Feeling stuck, stuck in a rut
Feeling struck, struck in the gut
Dive right in, step right up

If he’s, if he’s the one
What makes me, makes me want to run
Can’t life up to what I’ve begun

Unprepared for a small success
Make it into a bigger mess
Call it a lack of confidence

My desire put to the test
Hold you close, close to my chest
Later on we’ll work out the rest

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    My Interpretation

    @terrible: You're joking, right? Do you even know who Pansy Division are? How did you even find out about this song? In case you need a clear-cut explanation for why your interpretation is unbelievably, hilariously wrong, look up the lyrics to "C.S.F."

    First off, this song is definitely NOT from the perspective of a girl. I think it's about a guy who's really shy and insecure, and he's been crushing on this boy from afar, wishing they could be together. And then a miracle happens - somehow, despite himself, he's actually managed to snag his dream boy! But now he's so nervous he doesn't know what to do next. He's afraid if he does anything, he'll mess it all up. But by the end of the song, he's trying to stop freaking out and take it one step at a time: "Hold you close/Close to my chest/Later on/We'll work out the rest."

    Despite being a straight girl, I can totally relate to this song. This is by far my favorite PD song; I'm too much of a pansy for most of Pansy Division's hard-rocking punk numbers, but this one (like most of "Absurd Pop Song Romance") is nice and poppy.

    Archaia Sophiaon May 29, 2010   Link
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    General Comment

    This is a girl talking about her insecurity. Her b/f constantly does things to make herself feel insecure in their relationship. (flirst with girls, cuss her out). He then turns around and complains about the fact that she's so insecure. Every time she acts out due to her insecurity, instead of trying to give her assurance that she is safe with him and there's no need to feel afrad, he retaliates by doing something that makes her feel even more insecure. This turns into a downward spiral. He doesn't understand why she loved him so freely in the beginning was because she believed she could trust him with her heart. The he wouldn't let it bleed or break. If he had cared for and protected her heart and given her assurance when she needed it the most she would have given him all the love that his mind, heart, and body would've been able to handle. But he's become a stranger. She can't trust anything he says.

    terribleon May 27, 2009   Link

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