Speaking: This one's for all the little guys who are tired of being pushed down so stand up, pump your fists, and shout out this anthem.

There you go again,
Pushing the little guys around,
Because you can't handle someone your own size,
Step up to me,
And try to last more than one round!

Yo why you pick on someone smaller than you,
Take on someone who can fight back,
I was the little kid that got pushed around,
Now its my turn to stand up,
For thouse who are in my old shoes,
You can't take it (can ya?)
Didn't think so,
Cause you're just a big bully,
Got problems at home,
So you take it out on someone smaller,
What if I slapped you around and made you feel defenseless too?


Smell that,
Its fear in the air,
Because you know you can't take a dose of your own medicine,
When the guns turned on you,
You hide in the corner and cry,
So why put someone else through hell,
IF you can't take it yourself,
Huh, what's the problem,
I know what it is,
You feel weak and unstable,
SO you make little kids cry,
And steal away their happiness and replace it with a fear,
Well stand up to me,
Let's see what you got.


Its not so funny now that you're on the recieving end of the punches,
Whats the matter now.
You can dish it out but can't take a hit of your own shit,
Wipe away your tears you lil bitch,
If you can't stand up to me,
Why stand over little Johnny,
Do you know what he's living with,
Then back off these little kids,
Before I have to put you through the same hell,
Day in and day out.

Chorus x 2

Lyrics submitted by NFGFReeK

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    General Comment

    this is my kick ass song about a bully gettin a taste of his own medicine! enjoy ppl!

    NFGFReeKon May 28, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    cool song...i wanna hear it...it sounds...rappy...but cool nonetheless

    ORANGE-tommorrowon May 31, 2002   Link

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