voting doesn’t work 1 2 3
its time to know your enemy
I will pledge allegiance to hypocrisy or democracy its not for me
so when we tried to change this place home groom coals and in our face
fantasies of the master race your elections they erase
once a upon a time we were all free
when we live in travel society
peace peace and harmony
and everything for the good of family
yeah can’t grow freely so we can’t smoke weed
people voted to be free
but the facish for decree patriots in you and me

(chorus x3)
voting does why
when they don’t what we say they stop in the courts

a president this a president that
represents the ruling class
one says this one says that
childs to says what choice is that
voting doesn’t work 1 2 3
coming from the nation of the Cherokee
how do you choose when to don’t have a choice
how do to choose when you don’t have a voice
yea introspects interact in your space
secret power fueled by hate hate
fear for gas
gas for fear
pig is a pig and they took it away
and I don’t give a fuck about the things they say
yea yea that don’t mean shit to me
voting doesn’t work that’s easy to see

(chorus x3)
voting does why
when they don’t what we say they stop in the courts

voting doesn’t work I have seen
along with pots of broken treaties
your reality produces poverty
spiritually lead in nation of greed
who is corporate who is not
these folks count well I think not
doesn’t matter what we say
cause things will always go there way
power to the people it just a fantasy and they sell to us as a american dream
power to the people it just a fantasy and they sell to us as a american dream
will your vote count 1 2 3
living in demorcay
everybody there is free
cause its built for you and its built for me

(chorus x3)
voting does why
when they don’t what we say they stop in the courts

we are really sure who are president is at this time

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voting doesn't work song meanings
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    General Comment

    this is totally true about voting and shit....power to the people it just a fantasy and they sell to us as a american dream.....our gov't sucks!!!!

    meVRSeverybodyon July 13, 2002   Link
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    General Comment

    Wow. Those are some fucked-up and incredibly wrong lyrics you got there.

    First off, the thid line should be "I won't pledge allegiance to hypocrosy, your democracy is not for me..."

    And it should be "TRIBAL society", not "travel". I mean, that doesn't even make any sense.

    And it's "Cancer patiens....smoke WEED. People voted to be FREE. But the facist rule DECREED, pig's arresting you and ME."

    Then, in the second verse...."One say's this, one say's that, sound's the same what choice is that?"

    Third verse, "Voting doesn't work, I have seen, along with piles of broken treaties. Your reality produces poverty, spirutally in a nation of greed." And it should be "Think votes count? Well, I THINK NOT!"

    Also, "Wel your vote counts, 1 2 3, living in democracy. Everybody here is free, except for you and except for me."

    And the chorus is "Voting doesn't work. Why? When they don't like what we say, they stop it in the courts."

    But, yeah...the song itself does kick a lot of ass. I encourage people to listen to it loudly near political rallies.

    JuggyFWBon March 11, 2005   Link
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    General Comment

    If anyone doesn't believe what's being said here, remember how our president (Bush) was "elected" and the fact that even though some states have done some things that the people voted on (Medical Marijuana, and in Washington state, putting Marijuana use/posession at the bottom of the list) are pretty much overturned by the courts, besically your vote doesn't mean a thing in this coutry anymore since the folks who supposedly represent us really just represent the upper 1%.

    omenbunnyon June 23, 2006   Link

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