Never Enough

There is only so much I can say to you both
And I'm not sure which one hurt me the most
You see how I feel I can't describe
I feel so low and not alive

I'm constantly losing sleep
I toss and turn in bed and count sheep
I think about her all the time
Hoping, praying for the day when she would be mine

When I do sleep, there is a fanatsy world
Where your not there and I'm her boy
Yes I know it's JUST a dream
And it'll never really be quite what it seems

Because even my dream world comes crashing down
Because you always end up winning some how
And no matter how much I deny
And no matter how much I lie

I know the truth still stands
That you to will walk hand in hand
And I get the fact that I can't compare
And as much as I try to ignore it, the pain is still there

The empty hole in my heart
gets bigger and bigger as my soul is ripped apart
And it's his hands that do the tearing
But it's your fault for all the pain I'm bearing

I don't wanna live like this, this is not a life
Watching you guys hug and joke around after school stabs at me like a knife
And I can't sit there and pretend that everything is ok in my head

Becasue if I do then I might as well be dead
Because living this life isn't worth it
All the lies tears and hurting
A life without love is nothing

But the way I feel SHOULD mean something
Does anyone else feel like me
Knowing a life with out love isn't supposed to be
Or has every one found their match

And I'm the odd one out with no one to catch
You know you told me you were my friend
But there is so much damage to this "friendship" it can't be mend
You told me you know that I love her

And you wouldn't go with him
And like a week later you change your mind
And our friendship changed at that time
We will never be good friends ever again

Because you don't seem to understand
You don't know what a true friend is
I mean look at all of this
The lies the heartache it's all there

The sleeplessness, pain and tears
Why can't you just stick to what you say
Promises that you make
Maybe our friendship if you wanted, could have been saved

But maybe it's just that your used to getting what you want
I guess that includes girls to huh?
Tell me something, do you ever stick to what you say
Or is this all some game you play

Is this some kinda joke
You know I usually quiet about these things, wich makes me a total dope
Sorry you fuck if you don't wanna hear this

But my mouth is open and now is the time to hear it
You betrayed my trust
Because what you feel is probably only lust
Becaue I love her more then you ever could

But it always end up like I know it would
He goes for you cuz you've got him under some kinda spell
Telling her your love and mine for him is paralell
And that stuff I don't condone

So just from now on leave me alone
Stop pretending that you care
Cuz I'm done I've had my share
These past months have been too rough
So fuck you both I've had enough

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