One, two, one, two, three, four

Sick of leaving in the morning
With the night you gave away, yeah
So now I?m gonna take that all that I can get
With those angel eyes
You make saints do sins all the time

Say I?m gonna stay, home and away, well well,
When I said I?d catch you when you?re falling
Have my heart open wide
And you who?s not naive I thought
Say I?d thought I?d mend my heart

Oh people say I?m so automatic
People say I?m not so systematic
When I?m down I?m in manual, Lord
And time on time again I walk on by
With the look of love

And with those angel eyes, woh woh
You set me on fire baby
And with those angel eyes, woh woh
C?mon now lady

The saddest thing I?ve ever seen on my TV screen
Was a dying man who died for his dream
The toughest thing I?ve ever heard
Was that new-born scream in this naked world, yeah

And people say that I?m so automatic
People say I?m not so systematic
When I?m down I?m in manual, Lord
Been all around those edges
But ain?t never been in love
Ain?t never been in love with ya lady
And with ya lady

Gonna tell the world
Gonna tell the world
Gonna tell the world
Gonna tell the world
I love her, baby

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Angel Eyes (Acoustic And Live song meanings
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